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12 Good Workplace Habits for Career Success

Good workplace habits are essential for anyone who wants to succeed at his/her job.  Contributed by

These habits are great in helping increase your productivity, boost job satisfaction and help you to have better relationships with your boss and colleagues.

  1. Be open to criticism
    Feedback is valuable, no matter where they come from. Your boss or colleagues may not necessarily be criticising you because they don’t like you. They might just be trying to push you to be better.
  2. Don’t gossip
    Don’t contribute to the gossip mill – talking about others behind their backs usually creates more trouble instead.
  3. Be a problem solver
    Never be the person who merely whines about his/her situation. People like problem-solvers. Always be the one to come up with ideas on how to make the matter better.
  4. Be dependable
    Always go to work when you are scheduled to be there. Show others that you’re someone to be counted on.
  5. Dress for the job
    Dressing for the position you want lets your employer visualise you in that job.
  6. Ask for help
    No one, no matter how talented, can do it all alone. Put away your pride and ask questions if you have doubts. Don’t forget to offer a hand when you can as well.
  7. Be kind
    There is nothing to gain by being unkind and rude to people around. When you are kind, people will have goodwill toward you. When you need help or favours in the future, they will be more than willing to help you.
  8. Never say “It’s not my job”
    Be ready to pitch in when you are needed. It may involve doing something that is out of your job scope. Who knows, you might be able to learn something new as well.
  9. Look at problems as opportunities
    When a problem arises, solving them gives you the chance to showcase your strengths and skills.
  10. Keep personal problems out of work
    Beware of extensively talking about your problems. What you tell your colleagues could influence their perception, and your boss’s, about your character and ability to do your job.
  11. Always proofread your work
    It may take a little longer to look over your work, but it is much better to catch your errors before someone else does.
  12. Be organised
    Always be organised and prepare your day the moment you step into the office. It is impossible to do good work when you are messy and not knowing what is on your agenda.

Spend some time cultivating these good habits and we assure you, you’ll start improving at your job in no time!

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