6 Ways to Stay Focused When Working From Home

While working from home can present great opportunities to eliminate the distractions we face at the office, for many people, the lack of structure inhibits their productivity. If you find yourself adrift while working from home, the following tips could help you find your focus, and get motivated to deliver outstanding work. — Contributed by Robert Walters Singapore

1. Substitute the commute

Give yourself a reason to get out of bed. Committing to a quick morning jog or a living-room pilates session can be effective in not only getting your blood pumping, but also signal to your brain that it’s time for work.

2. Dress for success

When you’re not seeing anyone during the day, it can be tempting to stay in your pyjamas or loungewear. But getting dressed for work — even if only into smart casual clothes — can help switch your mindset and prepare you for the day ahead.

3. Don’t let old habits die

Try to keep up your normal office routine while at home. If you typically take a mid-morning coffee break at the office, fix yourself a hot drink and use the time to have a brief online catch-up with a colleague. Maintaining even minor daily rituals create continuity.

4. The deafening silence

If you’re used to working in a busy office, you may find the sudden lack of noise and buzz oddly distracting. Playing some music or a news broadcast in the background may help cut through the silence of your workspace and help you focus on your work. Avoid anything that could cause further distraction, like upbeat music or a podcast.

5. Set objectives for yourself

Setting personal objectives for what you want to achieve can help keep you on track. You may find it useful to set twice-daily objectives — one set to complete by lunchtime, and another to complete by the end of the working day. This minimises your risk of procrastinating and enables you to prioritise more important tasks.

6. Respect other people’s time

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean there aren’t people relying on you to pull your weight. Working from home requires a great deal of trust between colleagues, and one way to earn that is by respecting other people’s time. Remember that your colleagues and customers have objectives too — waiting on you to respond to their emails or complete your part of a project impacts their ability to do their work.

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