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How to Build Your Personal Brand in Uncertain Times

Here are steps to take to build your personal brand that lasts through uncertainty and into the future.  — Contributed by Manpower Singapore

It can feel for everyone like we’re preparing for a future of work that may look very different from what we used to know, with working from home on the rise and jobs rapidly transitioning between industries. This can make it feel like it’s difficult to prepare for the next phases of your career, but there are foundational steps you can take to bolster your brand.

Build or update your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is essential as the foundation of your personal brand. Once you’ve identified your career mission statement, begin building your brand online. Through it, you can promote your skills, accomplishments and goals. If you’ve already kickstarted this process, consider reviewing your content to update any outdated content, photos or text and make your profile more relevant to the skill wants of today.

Harness audio and video

Video allows for greater expression of soft skills such as public speaking, leadership and presence, while audio can be another means to spread your message. Tools like make it possible to start a podcast easily with just your mobile phone in hand.

Focus on learnability

None of us know exactly what the future of work will bring, but to meet new challenges that may come our way, learnability is necessary. To keep your learnability skill sharp, find out more about unfamiliar topics and keep growing. You can find out more about your Learnability Quotient here.

?In times of uncertainty, job roles will require adaptability and resiliency. It’s about what you are willing to learn, adapt and apply for tomorrow’s needs. By building your personal brand, you will be able to project these values to the marketplace that needs them.

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