10 Must-Dos While Stuck At Home (Which Will Definitely Benefit You)

With safe-distancing and social restrictions, many of us might be stressing over different concerns:

“What can I even do at home?”

 “How will I keep my kids entertained?”

“How can I survive another month of work from home?”

Truth is, many of us now have extra time on our hands with so much time saved from social activities and travelling. Regardless of whether you are looking for a job or searching for things to do while you are working from home, we have compiled a list of 10 value-adding activities you can do during the extended circuit breaker period!

Reach out to your ex-colleagues

Strategic networking is a valuable skill during this period where people are prone to feel isolated with the current social distancing measures in place. Now is a good time to pick up your phone and connect with an old friend or an ex-colleague. Why not drop them a text to see how they are doing, or connect with them over LinkedIn?

Find out how to expand your professional network.

Volunteer for COVID-19 relief efforts?

It is a difficult time for many Singaporeans. Social services are busy with help efforts to ensure that no one falls through the cracks. Help agencies are looking out for volunteers to run call centers, pack masks, deliver food, and care for migrant workers. If you are feeling restless or have some time on your hand, consider spreading some kindness in this season! 

Pick up a new skill

Now’s the time to work on the New Year’s resolutions that you have left hanging. Seize the break to work on skills that might be useful when the economy picks up again. Online videos and tutorials are great ways to learn new skills, and they cover a wide range of topics suitable for every age group!

 Check out the list of apps that offer online courses, all for free!

Practice mindfulness

The coronavirus situation can be a stressful time for families who are experiencing job loss, managing child-care, or home-based learning. Taking deep breaths and applying relaxation techniques can help you to manage your anxiety and cope well with the situation. Even if you’re feeling fine, practising mindfulness is valuable in helping you be in control and staying in touch with yourself.

To practice mindfulness, you can check out the list of mindfulness apps here.

Create a portfolio

A portfolio is an effective way to summarise your work achievements into a visually engaging and digestible format. It can be used to show to hiring employers your skills and value-add to their company. With the extra time on your hands, consider building an impressive portfolio by creating a website of your works, or simply through a visual presentation on slides!

Begin by downloading templates to build your portfolio!

Take up a part-time job

While the coronavirus situation has negatively impacted many workers and businesses, some companies are still in need of manpower. This includes businesses considered as essential services that are still running. If you are looking to make some income, there are several resources out there listing available positions for both the long and short term. Here are some by Workforce Singapore to help you find work or a second job. 

Check out companies that have immediate positions. Subscribe to get the latest job vacancies through these Telegram Channels. For those looking for longer-term jobs, check out MyCareersFuture.sg

Master web-conferencing tools

With safe distancing measures in place, web conferencing tools such as Skype, Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams have become the new norm for individuals to communicate and collaborate online. Whether it’s holding business meetings or casually chatting with a friend, being familiar with these tools is essential to connect well with others. Even after the circuit breaker, this tech-savvy knowledge would be useful to add to your skillset!

Start familiarising yourself with web-conferencing tools by downloading them today!

Beef up your resume

Most people mistakenly think that the ripe time to update their resume is when they are actively looking for a job. That is a myth! Career experts recommend that you should update your resume every six to 12 months to add new work skills and experiences. In fact, if you are currently working, now is the best time to update your resume as your work experiences and achievements are still fresh in your mind. 

Here are some tips on what to put in your resume.

Update your LinkedIn profile

Similarly, take this time to improve the visibility of your online profile.  A great way to start is to update your LinkedIn profile. Fill in your latest work experiences and achievements and be sure to add in featured images to showcase your projects and activities. 

Read more about tips to creating and updating your LinkedIn profile.

Post content

Lastly, another way to increase your visibility and boost your professional branding is by posting content online. Creating content such as writing an article, a social media post, or a blog is a great way to showcase your expertise by sharing with others your learnings. You can start small by sharing an insightful article on LinkedIn, or even writing a reflection from your experiences!

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