Find a Career You Love Using RIASEC

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Identify your aptitude and interests with RIASEC code, and learn how to determine if your next job is a right fit.


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“I have been dreading work every day and I can’t see any meaning in it”


“I have tried 5 jobs in the past 3 years but nothing seems to fit me”


“I have not been working for the past 5 years, I want to get back but I’m not sure how to begin”

Does this sound familiar to you?

If so, you could benefit from a thorough exploration of your career interests. Career Development and Planning experts suggest that if your interests match the work environment, it can lead to improved motivation, satisfaction and performance at work.

If only there was a tool out there to inform us about what jobs might better match our aptitude and interests!

We have good news: there is an established profiling tool “RIASEC” that might hint at possible jobs suitable for you. Simply follow these 3 steps:

1. Find out Your RIASEC Code

John Holland’s RIASEC profiling tool describes a person’s career interests as defined by six interest types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional. Based on the descriptors in the diagram below, which interest categories do you best identify yourself with?

Understanding Vocational Interests with the RIASEC hexagon, WSG's Careers Connect
John Holland’s RIASEC hexagon under the Theory of Career Choice

Your RIASEC code is a 3-letter combination of your top 3 interests. For example, if your RIASEC code is [SEC], it means that Social: your need for social interaction is most preferred. This is followed by Enterprising; a desire to initiate, lead and persuade people, and Conventional: your preference to work with data, structured work, established guidelines and SOPs

Try out the RIASEC activity on the MySkillsFuture portal to get your 3-letter RIASEC code, and explore possible local jobs that may fit your interests. For a detailed list of job options, you can explore O*NET, which recommends a list of possible jobs based on your RIASEC code.


2. Match Your RIASEC to Careers

Once you know your RIASEC code, the next step is to ascertain the careers that would be suitable for your interest profile. The job posting or job description is one way to get “hints” on the RIASEC code of the job. Consider the following occupations and make a guess, what interests (based on RIASEC) would be a good match?

Counsellors meet people from various backgrounds to provide a listening ear and give guidance to people with personal and psychological problems. They enjoy interacting with people and helping others.

The answer is Social!
Systematic and attentive to detail, Accountants require methodological work to ensure that financial records are accurate and payments are made timely and in order.

The answer is Conventional!
Data Analyst
Data Analysts rely on strong analytical and problem-solving skills to make sense of data and figures, and transform them to make sound business decisions.

The answer is Investigative!

3. Further Research on the Careers You Have Shortlisted

While RIASEC is useful to get you thinking about the jobs that lead to a good fit, it is important to research your shortlisted occupations and the industries to understand the career progression pathways and to identify growth opportunities.

You can do this by looking up the job requirements on the job posting, looking through the company’s website, or even speaking to people who are familiar with the industry.

Finally, remember to cross-check your job interests with the skills you currently possess. While interests tell you what you find satisfaction in, transferrable skills ensure that you will excel in the work you do.

Looking for a right-fit career? You could benefit by speaking to a Career Coach to talk through your RIASEC profile, skills, and experiences to find a job you’ll love.

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