Knowing Your Work Priorities

Which do I prioritise most in my career?

  • Helping others
  • Work-life balance
  • Career advancement
  • High earnings
  • Autonomy and flexibility

Work values are beliefs and priorities that guide us in the way we work. Here are 2 points to consider so that the job you are searching for aligns with your work values.


What are my Own Values?

All of us have our own unique set of values that form a part of who we are. For example, if you are a mother taking care of 2 young kids, you may find it very challenging to work in a company that involves long work hours

Here’s a list of possible values you might have, consider rating its importance to you whilst you consider your career choice!
(1 – Very important to me; 2 – Important to me; 3 – Not important to me)

I want to earn a good income to support my lifestyle
There must be a variety of tasks and experiences to make my work interesting
I want work-life balance in my job
There must be good staff benefits (e.g. medical insurance, bonuses, child care leave)
The work environment must be stimulating and allow for creativity
Bosses I work with must be reasonable and understanding
The work must give me sense of purpose to what I do
I like independence, autonomy and minimal interference from bosses
I feel happy when I am recognised for the work I do
I want to feel stable and secured in my job
My job must provide opportunities for career progression/advancement

It is important to know that there are no perfect jobs that can align with all our values, and thus, prioritising work values that are most important to us is key to identify those with closer fit. For a more detailed evaluation, you can take the assessment at the MySkillsFuture portal.

Seeking guidance from a professional Career Coach at Careers Connect can also be very helpful in navigating the process in career exploration.


What does my Job Value?

Besides knowing your own values, it is good to understand what the desired job or company values, and whether it is in line with your values. As you assess the job or company, consider these 2 key aspects:

1) Nature of Work
Example: Helping others, exercising our competencies, demonstrating honesty and integrity

2) Product of Work
Example: High earnings, recognition, career advancement

Once you have identified your Values, consider exploring your Interests, Personality and Skills for a holistic understanding of yourself!

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