The Key Essentials to a Job Fit (VIPS)

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Understand the key factors that determine a job fit and how they can affect the suitability of your next job.


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  • Understanding Myself
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Is this job really suitable for me?

While we may enjoy certain aspects of our jobs, there can be tasks we feel uncomfortable with. But as we bend our backs for the daily 9-6 grind at work, few are aware of the factors that affect our job satisfaction and performance levels.

Here are 2 key ingredients of finding a good job fit.

1. Know Yourself

Self-awareness, particularly understanding our own Values, Interests, Personality, and Skills (VIPS) can be especially helpful in assessing our suitability and ability to perform in job functions. 

Understanding Values, Interests, Personality, Skills (VIPS) for a good job fit
Meaningful Career choice as the intersection of your VIPS


Do I prioritise work-life balance? Recognition? Learning? A good salary?
Our values reflect our priorities and hint to the kind of work we might be suited for.

What do I do in my spare time? What gets me up every morning?
Our interests show what we like and what we enjoy doing.

Who am I? Am I an extrovert or an introvert? Do I look at the big picture or appreciate the finer details?
Our personalities inform of us of our work style.

What do I excel in?
Our skills include both industry-specific skills (e.g. software coding) and soft skills (e.g problem-solving) and highlights the area of work we might do well in.

What are your VIPS? Try listing them down in this Career Activity.

2. Know Your Environment

Take a read of the job requirements or expectations of the occupation and research the industry to better understand if your VIPS match the work demands. Beyond just finding out the pay and location of the job, here are some aspects of the job to consider:

Nature of work (day-to-day tasks and responsibilities)
Skills required
Company and team culture
Learning opportunities
Career advancement & progression opportunities
Other benefits, such as annual leave, childcare, eldercare leave, and allowance

Consider a sales role in a Tech MNC involving regular engagement with customers to sell products, amidst fast-paced and dynamic working teams. It requires one to be goal-oriented, enjoys challenges and high earnings (Values). They are likely to enjoy working with people, marketing, and influencing others (Interests). They ought to be skilled at communicating, selling, persuading and negotiating (Skills). If you have only a few of these traits, it will be unsurprising if you struggle to find satisfaction in the role.


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