Why your Personality Matters at Work

Your personality can shape the way you act and behave on the job

Your personality affects how you deal with others, take in information, and make choices. In a way, knowing our personality can help us to predict how we will react to the different kind of tasks and job responsibilities. Given that we spent about 8 hours a day interacting with our co-workers and bosses at work, our interactions and relationships with them are largely shaped by their personality and traits!

Knowing your personality can help you:

  • Find a better fit job
  • Adapt and communicate effectively with your colleagues and bosses
  • Be a better co-worker, manager and team leader

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a framework for understanding your personality. It assesses your preferences and describes four different aspects of personality.

Extraversion – Introversion (E–I)

How do you direct and receive energy?

Enjoys frequent discussions and exchange of ideas with groups of colleagues Prefers to think through an idea or favour one-on-one discussion

Sensing – Intuition (S–N)

How do you take in information?

Prefers to learn step by step and base decisions on details like data and facts Looks at the big picture and considers possible opportunities and connections

Thinking – Feeling (T–F)

How do you decide and come to conclusions?

Makes decisions using a logical approach and is seen as someone firm but fairMakes decisions using an empathetic approach and is sensitive to people’s emotions

Judging vs Perceiving (J–P) Preference Pair

How do you approach the outside world?

Takes on a planned approach to life and prefers more control Takes on a more spontaneous approach and prefers to experience the process

There are various types of personality assessments and MBTI is one of the most widely used. Remember, no personality type is better than another, as each will have its strengths and blind spots. Understanding your personality type can help you enhance the way you communicate and make decisions. Take the full test at Truity to get your MBTI code.