Changing Jobs: Moving from the Oil Industry to A Role Dealing with Robots

Mr Mohammad Hazlee approached Careers Connect for career guidance and embarked on his new career through a Professional Conversion Programme.

“I had been working in the oil and gas industry for 12 years as a data processing geophysicist when the oil prices started to fall, and things went downhill. The company I worked for decided to reduce their headcount in the Singapore office and I was retrenched.

A friend suggested that I visit Workforce Singapore’s Careers Connect, which was where I met my Career Coach, Geraldine Chua. During the career coaching sessions, I went through a process of self-discovery, where I learned more about my strengths and interests. She helped me to discover that the logical and analytical thinking skills that I had gained in my previous roles were very much sought-after, especially in other technology sectors. One of the programmes that Geraldine introduced me to was the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP), which allows professionals to switch to an industry they have no experience in.

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I applied for the Professional Conversion Programme as a Data Analyst. After an entrance exam and some interviews, an IT company that was expanding their workforce in Singapore offered me a position as a Software Developer.

I was sent for training at the Institute of System Science (ISS) for a crash course in Statistics and Machine Learning. The company also regularly sends employees for in-company trainings to familiarise them with the latest technologies in the IT industry. The company gave me further opportunities to upgrade my capabilities.

Today, I’m a certified Robotics Process Automation specialist, which is a globally-recognised accreditation. I enjoy my job as it keeps me up to date with the latest trends in the industry, which is important to me, with all the disruptive changes taking place within the industry.

The journey with my career coach has been insightful and rewarding as it has allowed me to discover possible career paths beyond the industry and provided me with the first step towards change which I thought would never have been possible.”

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