The Future of Work: 4 Essential Tips for Singaporeans to Stay Ahead of the Pack

Equip yourself with these crucial tips that will help you emerge in the lead in the last instalment of our three-part series.

Employee experience, skills upgrading and risk-taking leadership. 

These were some of the trends identified in the webinar The Future of Work: Winning the Talent Race held by HRD Asia and Workforce Singapore. 

While these may seem daunting, panelists Luke Clark (Senior Content Manager, PageGroup), Nicole Scoble-Williams (Leader of Global Future of Work, Deloitte) and Dr Christopher Fong (Principal Consultant, Psych.Line) shared essential tips to help Singaporeans gain a headstart.  

1. Revamp your CV to include in-demand skills 

As jobs are becoming skills centric, HR is expanding their scope for recruitment. Now, candidates from different backgrounds are considered, as long as they possess the needed skills. 

Panellists encouraged workers to diversify their portfolios to widen their job opportunities. Attractive resumes should display both breadth and depth of skills in one’s work experience, highlighting one’s adaptability. 

However, timeless basics of a good employee like: Passion, ethics and problem-solving should not be neglected too. 

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2. Usher in work flexibility for greater efficiency 

Elaborating on the forecasted trend on employee experience, panelists shared that work flexibility is increasingly becoming a priority among workers. 

Organisations can start to introduce work flexibility into the office by improving the working conditions for employees. Dr Fong suggested that Singaporean business can follow the global shift towards decentralised work spaces. 

By moving offices into the suburbs, companies appear more attractive to potential talent as work is nearer their homes. 

Firms can also introduce telecommuting to their staff. Telecommuting allows workers to utilise the internet to work mobile, whether it be from home or in a café. This improves employee experience, as workers will have a greater work-life balance. 

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3. Allow workers to have a greater say 

Today’s workers are no longer satisfied with receiving instructions from higher-ups. Now, workers are increasingly vocalising their desire to have a stake in the company’s decision-making progress. 

Companies can factor in their workers’ opinion by giving them more opportunities to contribute, or giving employees a greater stake in the company’s direction. 

When workers play an integral role in shaping the company’s course, potential and current employees will believe that they have a stake in the corporation. This increases the firm’s attractiveness as an ideal employer. 

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4. Cultivating progressive leadership in offices 

To generate big change, it needs to originate from the top and the workplace is no exception. 

Leaders are encouraged to adopt a founder’s mindset similar to startup creators with attributes like openness to inputs and; the passion to materialise innovative ideas. 

These qualities propel a company to greater heights by driving creativity and cooperation throughout the workforce. Simultaneously, businesses can harness the 3Cs that Nicole Scoble-Williams deems as essential:

  1. Consistency –Leaders have to be consistent towards change. They have to not only predict the future but be ready to continuously adapt.  
  2. Courage – Instead of only adapting to new disruptions, leaders become the disruptors, spearheading change to the status quo. 
  3. Community – Upcoming problems will only increase in complexity and leaders need to rely and contribute to a broader network to remain competitive. 

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