He Got Back on His Feet After Redundancy with WSG’s Career Matching Services

Mr Alan Tang struggled to find his footing when he was unemployed for over a year. Thanks to career matching services, he found his way back into the workforce.

When your job role is no longer needed in a company, it’s not easy news to take in. For Mr Alan Tang, it was even harder to keep optimistic, even though he had bolstered a 28-year management career. The Pasir Ris-Punggol resident also had the perception that companies will not want to hire him because of his age. 

“I lost all direction,” admits the 49-year-old. “I feared that my age was an issue to some potential employers and didn’t know where to pitch myself, having come from a senior role in the past.”

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Out of work for 15 months, Mr Tang was at loss of what to do next – until he decided to seek help from a career coach at Ingeus, a career matching provider of Workforce Singapore (WSG). Thanks to the support he received, he was able to see how to show his capabilities and to think about the possible career options he could explore. 

“My career coach and I looked at my resume and new career paths, as well as attended workshops to improve my employability skills,” he shares.  “My coach was patient and knowledgeable, and helped me identify strengths and transferable skills to take to other employers.”

Using advice received in his job search, Mr Tang soon found employment in a new industry as a product and market development manager at StarHub. With his new role, he relishes the chances to “learn new things and meet more people”. 

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