How to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Cut out the junk, manage the isolation — learn how to ace the working from home game.  

Given the current situation, many of us find ourselves in the unique position of working from home for long stretches of time. While for some this may be the norm, the rest of us find it harder to adapt to. 

The obvious issues that come to mind are technical, managerial, and productivity related. But, and this is ironic, if we are not careful it can also have a negative impact on health.

For some, working from home could trigger depression symptoms. For some, it could trigger many unnecessary trips to the snack cupboard. 

As we work from home to keep ourselves safe from one threat, we need to be careful not to let others take over. 

Here are some ideas on how we can work from home and stay physically and mentally healthy at the same time. 

Start the day with exercise

No gym? No problem. Get fit in the comfort of your home in as little as 10 minutes a day with some amazing online yoga, calisthenics, and HIIT classes – for free.

Compartmentalise your life

If you work, sleep and eat all in the same place, it’s going to make you unhappy, unproductive and stifled. Create one space for living and one space for working.

Don’t forget to eat on time

It’s easy to lose track of time when you work from home. Make a virtual lunch date with your colleagues on platforms like Zoom.

Avoid unhealthy snacking

While it’s tempting with your kitchen within such easy reach, if you must snack, make it healthy. 

Take breaks

When dull and uninspired, it pays to take a break. You could even try the Pomodoro technique where you work for 25 mins and take a break for 5.  

Don’t just text, talk

Talking rescues you from feelings of isolation. It’s also quicker, more effective and less likely to create misunderstandings. Do it the right way – make an appointment! 

Beat loneliness

If the loneliness is overwhelming, meditate. Studies have shown meditating for even short periods of time improves wellbeing and develops a feeling of connectedness.

Don’t overwork

According to this report, a majority of remote workers find it hard to unplug after work. Set a clocking out ritual in place – fix a time, send an ‘out-of-office’ like email, and go do something else! 

Keep your mind busy

If too little work is making you feel depressed, it’s a good time to upgrade your skills or learn something new by choosing from a multitude of free online courses.  

How well we adapt to working from home is largely based on our personalities. Even the most experienced remote workers need to be vigilant when it comes to discipline and self-motivation. Figure out a system that best supports your health and happiness and, who knows, you may come out of this experience more mentally and physically stronger than you ever were. 

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