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How the Women in Our Lives Influence the Way We Work

Be it at home, in school, or at the workplace, we’ve all come across formidable women who have left a lasting impact on us. Shaping who we are and what we bring to the workplace, every day.

The influence women wield on our world is intrinsic to life itself. From the moment we are conceived, our very first response to life is shaped by our mothers. And as we experience more of the world, we come across female influences from all walks of life.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we wanted to take a look at some of the key female figures that shape how we think and feel and, as a result, how we work.

Our mothers: In the way that she loves us, listens to us, and encourages us, she shows us how to love and believe in ourselves. And as most psychologists would agree, the more we love and believe in ourselves, the more efficient and effective we are in every area of our lives.

Our grandmothers: The keepers of our family traditions, the tellers of stories. Our grandmothers give us a sense of grounding and steadfastness that comes from knowing our roots. Psychologist Marshall Duke found that those who have an intimate knowledge of their family’s history are more well-adjusted and confident than those who don’t.

Our teachers: It’s in school that we’re first introduced to our other mothers: Our teachers.

They push us to be the best versions of ourselves. And prepare us with both the hard and soft skills  we need to succeed in the real world.  As acting Minister for Education Ng Chee Meng rightly said, our teachers play a critical role in shaping our nation’s future.

Our sisters and best friends: We all need a sister or a female best friend on our side. The one who ‘gets it’. The one who we can share our innermost fears and secrets with. The one who will be our cheerleader as well as our competition, as she makes her way through the world with an ambition that burns as brightly as ours.  

Our leaders: These are the women, correction, the people we want to be like. The ones who are making a mark and creating a legacy right before our very eyes. Showing us the way to success built on a foundation of both grace and strength. They can be found everywhere. In our CEOs, our entrepreneurs, our artists, our policy makers, and our scientists, to name a few.

When it comes to how we perform at the workplace, it’s many of these female influences that impact us in obvious and sometimes not so obvious ways. Shaping everything from the kind of careers we choose, to how confident, resilient and ambitious we are.

What are the female influences that have shaped your life? And who are the women you want to celebrate this International Women’s Day? Reach out to them and let them know. It could make their day and most likely, it could make yours too!

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