Job Search: How Career Matching Helped Me Land a Job

Things looked really dismal for Cao Shishu, but he thankfully found another job role when he decided to tap on WSG’s Career Matching Services.

Cao Shishu lost track of the “countless” number of job applications he made as he struggled to support his family during a disheartening seven-year job search.

However, after accessing support from Ingeus, a career matching provider under Workforce Singapore, lucky seven proved true for 45-year-old Shishu, who is now back in the driving seat as a Station Manager for leading rail operator SBS Transit.

A highly educated PhD holder, Shishu worked as a researcher and teacher before becoming unemployed.

Despite keeping physically fit and taking temporary and freelance roles to keep active, disappointment and worry took hold as Shishu realised his finances were running dry.

“I felt stressed and helpless when it hit me that my efforts weren’t paying off and my savings started to dwindle,” said Shishu, who is married with two children.

“My family was depending on me but it was really disheartening to get so little response from my job applications. I was feeling down and demotivated… Ingeus changed all that.”

Ingeus set about developing a personalised plan for Cao which identified transferrable skills he could take to new professions, increased his confidence, and gave practical pointers on CV writing and job searching.

He learnt how social media can be a valuable source of job vacancies, and was given help with his interview preparation.

Seeking employment help? Make an appointment to see a career coach to help with your job search.

Ingeus works with SBS Transit to source unemployed applicants for vacancies, and when a Station Manager role in their Passenger Services team came up, Shishu jumped aboard!

“The input of my Ingeus work coach was invaluable,” he continues. “I had a tailor-made plan, giving me structure and purpose, and lots of practical advice on tackling today’s job market. I couldn’t have made this huge transition without that help.”

“I now have an exciting opportunity to take on a new challenge, learn new things and get to know more people. For me, being able to support my family and contribute to society again is the best feeling ever.”

Ingeus will continue to support Shishu as he transitions back into his new working life and undertakes six months’ on-the-job training with SBS Transit.

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