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Mentality Matters When it Comes to Interviews and Job Hunting: Here’s Why

Your thoughts shape your perspective — here are certain frameworks to focus your mind on getting the job you want.

Imagine two candidates waiting for their turn at the big interview, John and Peter. Both are of the same age and re-entering the workforce.

  • John feels that his age gives him a wealth of experience. He has prepared by rehearsing for the interview and is confident to ace it.
  • Peter believes his age will already affect his chances of getting hired. He enters the room unprepared and expects to be rejected.

Whose chances look better, John or Peter? The answer is clear – John!

Getting rejected for jobs is discouraging, and it’s hard to keep motivated after repeated disappointments. However, having the right approach to job seeking equips you with the right kind of attitude and behaviour that potential employers want.

– Adora Wang, Career Coach

Be like John. Choose a growth mindset and don’t give up!

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

A growth mindset enables a positive outlook on life, affecting how one acts in the face of setbacks. In job searching, this helps pave the way for a more favourable outcome. The diagram below shows the difference between having a growth vs a fixed mindset – which are you more inclined towards?


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Nurturing a Growth Mindset

Developing a growth mindset certainly isn’t easy, but it takes time and consistent effort. To cultivate the growth mindset, incorporate these 4 beliefs into your daily life:

Focus on the process

Lessons in life come in different shapes and sizes. Rejections can be a point of reflection to improve for your next job interview. Continue trying, and you will see results.

Practice makes perfect

Excelling at interviews requires practice and preparation. Start by searching and rehearsing for the top common questions to ask in an interview.

Networking is a strategy

Having an online presence such as a LinkedIn profile increases your visibility. Expand your network organically by attending industry sessions.

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