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About Industry Insights

As its name suggests, MyCareersFuture’s Industry Insights section gives users a thorough assessment about the nature of various industries in Singapore. The team at MyCareersFuture has sourced from experts to craft accurate and relevant information about the numerous industries across the island. From early childhood education to healthcare and construction, we have an extensive variety of content to guide and educate young and mature jobseekers.

Our Industry Insights page offers readers all they need to know by providing valuable and key information about career progression, occupations available, salary, necessary qualifications as well as the nature of the industry. In addition, it gives readers an overview of the field and what employees will be doing on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, our Industry Insights imparts the necessary statistics about the respective industries.

MyCareersFuture is the one-stop website for all jobseekers in Singapore. From guides crafted by professional career advisors to career workshops, we are the best platform for all mature and young job applicants.

Inspiring and comprehensive, our Industry Insights page gives users all they need to know about the industries of their choice. Simply click on the icons to access information about the various job scopes and corporations.

Discover more by browsing our Industry Insights now!

Why Industry Insights matter?

Do you really need to use MyCareersFuture’s Industry Insights platform? Yes, you do.

Doing the homework before every interview and application is crucial to impress – that’s where MyCareersFuture can help!

Not only does learning more about the career field of your choice and dream job help you obtain a better understanding about the nature of the job, but it also gives you a greater awareness about how you can contribute to the corporation of your choice. In doing so, you will be able to make a more informed choice about the positions you choose to apply for.

Furthermore, with sufficient knowledge about the nature of your career field, you will be able to market yourself better in cover letters and during interviews. A greater sense of awareness towards the industry of your choice would showcase your enthusiasm towards the industry and show if you are a good fit for the position. Knowing more also enables you to better articulate how you will be able to be an asset to the company.

All in all, research about the career field can help jobseekers in numerous ways. Prepare early and discover more about how you can progress in your career by using our Industry Insights platform now!