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New! Mass Application Update for Employers

Jobseekers are often left hanging during their job search when organisations fail to update the application status. As employers, we can do our part to build a better job search experience by updating jobseekers on their application statuses promptly. These include selected candidate and unsuitable applicants.

Why is it important to update applicants’ statuses?

By updating applicants’ statuses promptly, your organisation will be seen as a responsible and progressive employer of choice.


  • Adds credibility to your corporate reputation
  • Improves your hiring process
  • Increases attractiveness of your job listings
  • Sets your organisation apart from competitors

Sounds great! How do I begin?

With the new mass application update feature on MyCareersFuture, you can simply select the relevant applicants you want to update and pick the appropriate status.

Candidates who are being considered for the position can be updated with the “Shortlisted” status. Candidates who are deemed unsuitable should be updated to the “Unsuccessful” status.

Let’s do the right thing. Update your applicants’ status and stay off the watchlist.

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