Stereotyping Mature Workers is Just Bad Business

Mr Patrick Chew, Head of HR & Admin at IFS Capital Ltd never thought he could justify the higher salaries requested by experienced PMETs. Find out how and why his views changed.

I realised that the deep experience of mature PMETs justified their higher salaries – I would never imagine saying this before but we are now converts at IFS Capital.

WSG’s Career Support Programme (CSP), with subsidies for salaries, helped us take the first step in hiring mature PMETs. Over the past 12 months, we have hired four mature PMETs, of which two are under the CSP.

Our Group Chief Financial Officer, Ms Iris Ang, joined us in February this year. Her resume was impressive, with some 30 years of experience in the financial sector, including public-listed companies. Within a month, Ms Ang revamped our cost allocation structure to be more transparent and efficient. This allowed our country and department heads to have far more visibility into how funds are allocated and used, and resulted in greater productivity. We now save so much more time when making decisions on internal costs and funds allocations.

Another mature PMET we hired via CSP was Ms Eliza Hee, our Senior Manager in the audit department. We all assume that mature workers are not IT-savvy. Shortly after joining us in 2016, Ms Hee proved us wrong when she implemented a paperless environment and led the company to adopt digital technology for conference calls. Doing away with referencing paper documentation helped us increase staff productivity by 50%!

– Patrick Chew, Head of HR & Admin, IFS Capital Ltd, tapped on the CSP to defray salary costs of hiring Singapore Citizen PMETs and was able to tap on their wealth of experience. 

*With the announcement of the Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI), which took effect from Sep 2020, CSP has ceased with effect from 1 Sep 2020.

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