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Landing the Job: Learning How to Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

Having difficulties with your job search? Find out how career coaching helped Choo Hui Jia, a fresh graduate, land a job.

“I graduated in August last year, and had difficulties during job interviews. I wasn’t sure about how to present myself, and couldn’t build rapport with my interviewers. My nerves got the better of me and many times I fumbled when answering questions.

I felt a bit hesitant to go for career coaching at first. Most of my peers didn’t seem to need career guidance to get their jobs. I thought it was mostly for people who are older or wanted to make a career switch.

During my sessions with my assigned career coach, we went through my performance at my previous interviews and she conducted a mock interview session with me as well to prepare me for my upcoming interviews. These sessions really helped me to become more aware of myself and taught me cues to look out for in interviews.

For example, when interviewers asked what my weaknesses were, I used to tell them I am ‘naive’ at times. To help me portray the best version of myself, my career counsellor advised me to use ‘non-confrontational’ words instead, which is more accurate and positive, turning my weakness into a strength.

I was definitely more confident in my job interviews after going for career coaching. The two interviews I attended after that went very smoothly compared to the ones before. In fact, I got offers from both employers!

After this experience, I will encourage others to consider career coaching if they are facing difficulties in securing a job. WSG career coaches are very experienced, and can advise us on how to navigate our interviews.”

Choo Hui Jia, 23, community relations executive and beneficiary of Workforce Singapore’s Career Matching Services

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