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Unsung Heroes: Appreciating 5 Jobs that Spark Joy in Our Daily Lives

Slices of Singaporean happiness and the people behind them.

Always been curious to see behind the scenes of Disney’s animated films?  There’s an ongoing exhibit for that. Or interested in trying Mediterranean cuisine?  Try it at multiple restaurants here, or sample tasters at the large-scale food fairs that happen annually.

Because such unique experiences have become so easily available, we often forget that there are people behind the scenes bringing these marvellous delights to us. We’re shining the spotlight on less-considered, unique roles that are essential in determining the everyday experiences and joys of Singaporeans.

Consumer Insights Researchers

These are the people who create your optimal shopping experience, whether in-stores or online. Whether groceries or fashion must-haves, consumer insight researchers punch the numbers, watch the global and local market trends and run a variety of analyses to know what we best want when shopping. Their targeted research and interpretation of behaviour and trend data have the important task of providing Singaporean shoppers the products they want, at the prices they want them at.

Exhibition Curators

A main part of a modern curator’s role is to research and conceive relevant and engaging exhibitions for the public. But that work is just part and parcel of the intricacies of the position, which also require diplomatic talent, such as excellent communication skills and negotiation abilities. 

Besides the ability to craft accurate agreements and correspondences, these skills are essential when developing loan partnerships with other institutes and creators. The ability to appreciate fine details, and network with international colleagues and benefactors alike, are what help our museums clinch exciting and exclusive showcases.

In-flight Food Caterers

Whether you are one of those who marvel at the twee casseroles and a multi-course meal in a tray, or eat it only under duress of hunger, in-flight food is one of the essentials of modern travel. There is little to complain about though, when flying from Singapore.

Singapore is believed to have the world’s only food-tasting chamber which can be regulated to simulate an aircraft cabin at 30,000 feet. Operated by Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS), it simulates in-flight experience, including the loss of sense of smell, and dry atmosphere. Much research, testing and tasting by chefs, food scientists and airline crew happens, before the meal is served on board. 

Localisation Project Managers  

Creating local-centric marketing, advertising campaigns and unique products especially for a native market are a great way to win over locals when introducing an international brand. Localisation Project Managers help schedule, budget for and manage how Singaporeans are introduced to and engaged by international newcomers. 

They’re responsible for optimising our experience with new technology and services, helping to translate foreign text, design and concepts to suit local taste and needs. A great example would be Netflix’s localisation experts, who amused us by bringing Yishun town into the realm of their hit show, “Stranger Things”, and featuring local actress Michelle Chong as a part of the cast of “Orange is the New Black”.

Food Safety Auditors

Love your food? Well, join the queue. From expansive hawker centres to niche avant-garde restaurants, what Singaporeans tend to take for granted amidst the sea of choices, is the safety and surety with which they can indulge in their food. 

Working for both the government and private companies, Food Safety Auditors help inspect places like food processing plants, commercial slaughterhouses and other food manufacturing businesses to ensure that the health, safety and sanitation regulations are being followed. They brave a work environment that can be cold, noisy and unsterile, to ensure that we have the freshest, safest food possible.

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