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Why Being Considerate Matters at the Workplace

Having the right social etiquette at work fosters a positive work environment, which can help boost team morale and in turn, produce better results for all. — Contributed by

As everyone gets caught up in the daily grind and solely focuses on his or her job demands at work, we often forget the basics at the workplace: being considerate.

Invest a little more time in becoming aware of your co-worker’s likes, dislikes, opinions, preferences and more. By becoming more conscious, you’ll find yourself being more considerate to people around you. Allow us to highlight some pointers for you to kickstart your efforts.

Keep it down

Noise can be a real issue in offices. After all, offices are built to be conducive for work and loud conversations, ringing phones and blaring music can all act as distractions for fellow workers. If you anticipate a long phone call, politely step away from your desk and other people, and head to other areas in the office and keep the disturbance minimal.

Lastly, not everyone has the same tastes in music and your work playlist may well be another’s nightmare – be sure to plug in those headphones!

Keep it clean

You may be blessed to have your own cubicle and find order in that chaos, but a tidy workspace leads to a more conducive environment for all. Be sure to wash up after yourself, and don’t leave food overnight and run the risk of pests invading your department. One should be even more considerate when it comes to shared facilities. Don’t leave tea bags or food waste in the sink; mop up spillages that occur at the pantries; throw away all expired products in the refrigerator to prevent contamination; and the list goes on. Always keep your personal items contained to avoid clogging up work areas for others.

Everything in its place

We understand the temptation of grabbing the first mug in sight when you are craving for a morning brew or taking off with someone else’s ball-point pen when you’re hard pressed for time for your next meeting. Thing is, that mug or pen you’ve just ‘loaned’ could be a fellow teammate’s cherished item. How would you feel if the tables were turned?

Whenever possible, get permission before using a co-worker’s belonging. As for communal items such as the department’s stationery, always remember to return anything you’ve used in a prompt fashion, before they get swallowed up in the vortex of your messy desk.

Hello, and goodbye

Of course, everyone is entitled to their privacy and no one will blame you for burying yourself deep in work at your desk. But with the emergence of open concept offices and co-working spaces, it is more important than ever to foster good relationships with co-workers.

It goes a long way to say hello to people you pass, make eye contact and strike up conversations in the pantry when you’re getting your coffee. Getting to know your fellow co-workers not only creates a happier and more inclusive setting, but also adds to your own sense of belonging at the office.

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