Work from Home as the New Normal: Tips on How You Can Cope

Work problems are inevitable especially with this new work-from-home arrangement, but solving it can be easier with these tips. — Contributed by

Working remotely at home can be challenging, due to factors such as a new environment, minimal to no supervision, a relaxed or non-existent dress code (except for video conference meetings), and new workflows. These changes may create some issues at first, but with adjustments, they can be managed in the long run.

How are you getting by with this new arrangement? Below are some challenges you might encounter and tips that could help you solve them.

It’s your first time working from home and you are not sure how it will go.

Tip: Be open with your bosses and help them understand that you need to cope with the new arrangement. Discuss with them possible issues and how to work around them.

You don’t know how to find perfect workspace.

Tip: Consider where you will feel comfortable, motivated and focused. Use areas that have good lighting and good sound insulation.

You are not tech-savvy and using digital devices and software or apps can be difficult.

Tip: Never hesitate to ask help from your colleagues and even those at home. It’s okay to make errors,, but you will learn and get better at it.

You are not used to working alone and not talking to your colleagues.

Tip: Keep in touch with your co-workers. Create a group chat where you can always talk. Schedule quick virtual coffee-breaks or after-work dinner chats.

You are feeling burned out.

Tip: Determine the source of burnout. Speak to your bosses if there are too many tasks at hand. Create a work routine with a time to start and log off work. Take coffee breaks and eat your lunch on time. Go offline during weekends or file leaves. Have some time for yourself and your family.

You don’t feel motivated and productive.

Tip: Create a to-do list and take note of your progress. Keep away from distractions like social media. And remember to reward yourself for accomplished work. Read other tips on how to boost your productivity.

You are having a hard time working because of interruptions at home.

Tip: Explain your work requirements and schedule, then share your work tasks so they know when to give you space and time. Communicate and collaborate in scheduling and assigning house chores. Check out more tips on how you can work with your kids around.

You or others are not used to the new workflow.

Tip: New workflows could mean confusion and misunderstandings at first. Clarify and confirm such new procedures with your bosses.

Doing something new is always difficult at first. No matter how prepared you are, it can still take some time and effort to cope with this transition. The new normal is not just changes on “where” you work but also “how” you do your work. With self-motivation, as well as support from your bosses and colleagues, the goal of being productive can be achieved.

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