Work-Life Balance Q&A with Eugenia Ng: “Be Realistic With What You Set Out to Achieve”

Time management is the most common challenge of a working mum, says Eugenia Ng, manager at Michael Page Singapore, but it is possible to succeed if you plan ahead.

What prompted your move into recruiting?

I wanted to switch to a career which could offer good challenges and leverage my soft and technical skills. I also really enjoy engaging with people and recruitment matched all the expectations.

Please describe a typical day.

There is NO typical day. The day starts off with addressing any urgent requests, conducting business development calls with clients before lunch and holding external meetings with clients or candidates in the afternoons. That is the skeletal view of how a day goes and as a working mum with who makes it a point to stop work at 6pm, I will usually squeeze in any admin work, short-lists or emails in between meetings.

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Are there any particular challenges that women in recruitment particularly face and how do you overcome them?

Time management is likely the most common challenge. You will need to be very strict with your time, reject meetings that are not productive, plan ahead so you can work towards objectives and rely on cross-discipline co-operation and teamwork to drive towards commercial goals.

What is it like to be a working mum?

It is very challenging and gratifying. You will be able to fully stretch yourself at work and home. Michael Page also has in place flexible working arrangements and work-from-home privileges to help mums balance between work and home commitments.

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What do you enjoy most about your job?

The dynamic pace, my amazing team and the adrenaline rush when a candidate is placed.

What advice would you give to working mums in recruiting?

Manage your own expectations first, be realistic with what you set out to achieve and ensure you communicate these goals clearly to both your supervisor and family. You will need good support to be able to work towards your career goals. Be focused and it is possible to be a successful working mum.

This article is contributed by Michael Page.

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