Your Next Big Opportunity Might Be in a Small Company

Bigger isn’t always better. It may be high time for you to re-evaluate your prospects and apply to much smaller organisations. — Contributed by JobStreet Singapore

When considering employment opportunities, most candidates set their eyes on the obvious choices which often mean big and popular multinational companies. Every year, thousands of candidates compete for a place among these major employers. But when the dust settles and you find yourself on the losing end, what should you do?

Singapore is a country built on mostly small businesses. More popularly known as small and medium enterprises (SMEs), they make up 99% of the enterprises in Singapore and contribute nearly half of the gross domestic product (GDP) while employing 70% of the total workforce.

While small companies may not offer the same perks that Fortune 500 companies do, they’re a good place for professional growth and career advancement.

Create your own opportunities

Have you ever felt stuck in the job that you are in? In a small company, you will have more power and flexibility to forge your own career path. Great opportunities are often afforded to those who really deserve it and in a much shorter period of time. If you work really hard there’s no telling how far your career in a small company can take you.

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Widen your skill set

In SMEsyour job description is never narrowly defined which means that your responsibilities are often widely varied. While this may not necessarily sound good for some candidates, those who are always up for a challenge will surely enjoy working for a small company. This breaks the awful monotony of tasks most individuals dread when working for bigger companies.

Make your accomplishments visible

When working for a small company, no good deed goes unnoticed. Even as a rank-and-file employee, you become an important part of the organisation – not just some common pencil pusher. You become involved with every bit of action going on. Thus, you will come to work everyday feeling like you are truly doing something productive. As long as you do your best, it won’t be difficult for your colleagues and managers to acknowledge your contribution to the organisation. And when they do, you get to feel like you are valued more.

Be part of a tight-knit group

Small companies pride themselves for maintaining a close bond and for having a distinct culture where you know everyone and everyone knows you. This kind of familiarity creates healthy working relationships leading to better cooperation between members as well as improved productivity. In contrast, you can spend a significant number of years working for a large corporation and may not even know anything about the person seated next to you.

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Work closely with upper management

Being an SME employee involves working closely with managers, owners, and even the investors of the company. Rubbing elbows with upper management often keeps things agile – the workflow, submissions, as well as the approval of proposals and projects. Working closely with the upper management provides you with the opportunity to show the many things you have to offer the organisation. More importantly, by working closely with the higher-ups, you can easily get mentored and taught the know-hows of the business.

Again, bigger isn’t always better. In your search for bigger and better career opportunities, do not overlook small companies.

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