3 Cover Letter Templates to Make a Good First Impression

Here’s why a cover letter is just as important as your resume in making a good first impression in your next role.

Have you ever applied for a job – only to be asked to attach a cover letter?

When it comes to submitting a job application, attaching your resume is a no-brainer. However, a cover letter is essential to make a good first impression on the recruiters. After all, while your resume might highlight your past work experiences as well as your skills, a cover letter would help you add a personal touch to your job application. More importantly, you can use your cover letter to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Whether you are a fresh graduate on the hunt for your first full-time job, a seasoned worker applying for another firm in the same industry, or a veteran who is looking for an opportunity outside of your industry, we have crafted a comprehensive guide to help you nail your cover letter.

The Application Cover Letter

The first cover letter template on our list is usually sent directly to recruiters. It gives a brief introduction of the applicant, summarises his past experiences and highlights how he intends to contribute to the company.

Think of this cover letter format as a bio on your social network and highlight some of your key abilities and interests. The application cover letter speaks volume about your experiences and passions in more personal and expressive manner.

See What an Application Cover Letter Looks Like

Generally, most application cover letters follow this format:

  • Salutations and introduction
  • Position you are applying for
  • Key strengths and relevant skills
  • Employment history and academic qualifications
  • Contact information

If you have been eyeing a particular role at a company, then this format will definitely do your application justice. Try to incorporate information about why you are the perfect fit and how your experiences will benefit the company.

For instance, if you have been in accounting but you are eyeing a position in healthcare, describe how your attention to detail and meticulousness can help a company enjoy more efficiency and productivity in an error-free manner.

The Referral Cover Letter

If you were referred to a job application by a colleague or a friend, then a little name-dropping might do your application some good.

A referral cover letter would mention the name of the person who referred you to the job. It would catch a recruiter’s attention, particularly if they are in close contact with the referrer.

Furthermore, building a connection with your recruiter would be a lot easier. Think about it – it’s more effortless to network with a new face over shared hobbies or mutual friends. Similarly, it would be easier for you to catch your recruiter’s attention when you have a mutual connection.

Example of Referral Cover Letter

A referral cover letter follows the same format as an application cover letter. However, the only difference is in the salutations and introduction.

Instead of a generic greeting and introduction, try to include something like this:

Hi (name of recruiter/hiring manager),

(Name of referrer and position title) suggest that I get in touch with you directly about my interest in joining your organization as a (position title).

Prospecting Cover Letter

If you have a particular company you would like to work for, a prospecting cover letter would help you stand out as a candidate.

A prospecting cover letter articulates your interest in a company culture and the industry they are in. You would want to highlight how you would be a great fit for the company as well as your knowledge about the company and what they do.

What a Prospecting Cover Letter Looks Like

Start with a brief introduction about how you came to know about their company and describe your intentions. Here’s an example:

Dear (name of recruiter),

After visiting your booth at the recent career fair at (location) and speaking with your professional staff, I was interested to learn more about your company and business. I was impressed with your self-motivated and highly-driven staff and would be keen to explore opportunities in your company.

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