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Nowadays, most of the job ads have gone fully digital. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a pioneer in the industry, searching for a job in Singapore can be challenging.

That’s where MyCareersFuture comes in. A one-stop website for everything related to employment in Singapore, MyCareersFuture offers relatable content for anyone in need a helping hand to find work.

The team at MyCareersFuture has collated data and anecdotes from employees and employers from industries all over Singapore to bring readers comprehensive information about searching for employment. Learn how to optimize your job search now.

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Land a Job

You just submitted your resume to the company and their human resource management has just scheduled an interview with you. What happens next?

Finding the right job may be difficult but landing the role and nailing every part of the job application process takes job hunting to a completely different level.

Luckily for you, MyCareersFuture’s team of experienced professionals are here to help you nail your job application and get you into the corporation of your dreams. This website incorporates various accounts from fresh graduates and mature jobseekers.

Browse the content on MyCareersFuture to kickstart your career today.

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Grow Your Career

When you have been in the same company and field for too long, it’s normal to feel like you have hit a plateau in your career.

If you desire for career growth, it is important that you hinder complacency and callousness. However, career growth takes more than just working hard in your industry. Moving up the company is only one way of growing in your career. There are more ways to coast your career besides merely climbing up the corporate ladder.

Learn how you can grow your career with MyCareersFuture today!

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Industry Insights

Want to learn more about the various career fields in Singapore? MyCareersFuture’s Industry Insights is an excellent place to start.

MyCareersFuture’s Industry Insights showcases what job applicants can expect upon embarking on their careers. With a huge selection of content about early childhood education, healthcare, Infocomm, retail and many more industries, MyCareersFuture is the best online platform for anyone who wants to learn more about the career fields in Singapore.

Get inspired, stay ahead and learn more by browsing the Industry Insights’ content now!

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Virtual Careers Fair

MyCareersFuture’s Virtual Career Fair is an online platform for employers and job hunters to interact through chat rooms, webinars, Skype chats as well as webcasts. This smart innovation uses cutting-edge technologies to engage jobseekers and employers in a digital manner. Participants can obtain first-hand information and resources about the industries and necessary skills that are in demand. Furthermore, Virtual Career Fairs enable users to match their resumes with employers and companies and filter out the ‘booths’ available based on their interests and expertise.

Get involved in MyCareersFuture’s Virtual Career Fair programmes right now – sign up to reserve your attendance today.

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Career Coaching

Feeling stuck in your job search? Looking to rejoin the workforce? Or perhaps you are exploring a career switch?

First established in 2001, WSG’s Careers Connect operates three Career Centres island-wide to provide personalised career coaching and advice, at no cost.

We have recently gone digital! The new Careers Connect online allows you to get quick and easy access to career guidance and advice. You can look forward to receive advice and tips from our expert Career Coaches, who have helped thousands of Singaporeans find clarity in their career direction and land a fulfilling career.

Get advice to improve your job search chances with Careers Connect today!

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Whether you are a fresh graduate searching for a new entry-level job or a seasoned veteran considering a career switch, MyCareersFuture is the one-stop website for all your job application needs.

Created specifically to help junior and senior job hunters obtain the job of their dreams, our team of experts have crafted a colossal amount of content on our website. MyCareersFuture gives users the full package when they browse our website. An initiative by Workforce Singapore, we provide jobseekers with everything they will ever need to know about the job hunting processes and nature of the various industries based on tips and tricks from experts in related fields in Singapore and abroad.

We go beyond just offering ‘career advice’. Instead, we give our users comprehensive and thorough guidance about how they can secure the best job based on their requirements and expertise.

Finding a Job
In Singapore today

These days, being able to secure a proper job in Singapore which energizes you and gives your life purpose goes beyond just having a sharp resume and comprehensive curriculum vitae. There is so much to consider!

For instance, one would need to know how to nail the first interview to make a good first impression. Plus, you will also need to learn more about the employer and business culture of the corporation. In addition, jobseekers also need to take the location, salary and nature of the role into account in order to make informed decisions about their application.

Furthermore, the job market in Singapore has been getting increasingly competitive for fresh graduates and professionals. It can be extremely difficult to make yourself stand out amongst other applicants in the field.

Luckily for you, that’s where MyCareersFuture can help!

How we can
help you

MyCareersFuture is the go-to platform developed to guide readers in their career path.

Our content imparts key tips to help job applicants choose the best role which suits their expertise, lifestyle and expected salary. We share insights from seasoned career advisors about how one should seek for employment.

In addition, we also document relatable experiences from fresh graduates and long-serving experts to give our users wholesome and valuable content for their job search. Our team has even sourced for success stories about mid-career switches to motivate mature employees who are considering a career change to pursue their passions.

All in all, MyCareersFuture is the website for young and senior jobseekers. We remain devoted to helping our users secure dream jobs that inspire and excite them daily. It is our goal to encourage and motivate our readers to chase their dream careers.

Browse our website and get inspired today!