Dealing With Burnout: Are You Tired, Irritable and Unhappy With Work?

Have you noticed yourself getting easily irritable? Do you find it hard to concentrate and feel unhappy with every work task thrown at you? You might be suffering from burnout; chronic workplace stress.

Though not a psychological disorder, burnout isn’t something you can just brush aside. Left unchecked, it can wreak havoc on your job performance, relationships, health and happiness.

Here are some ways you can avoid a burnout:

Cultivate a rich life outside of work

Whether it’s indulging in a hobby, playing sports or meeting your friends, you need to find something outside of work that you enjoy doing.

Make sure that it is something that engages you, so that you can really “turn off” from work. Maybe it’s time to pick up that Muay Thai class that you’ve been contemplating for the last few months. Who knows? Throwing punches and working out a sweat might just relieve your anxiety and stress at work.

Take a break

Think a vacation is all you need? Taking one holiday is definitely not going to solve your burnout issue.

However, taking regular breaks such as weekend trips or even staycations can help to cut down on the possibility of a burnout. Leave work at home, so that your mind can truly take a good rest.

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Digital detox

While technology can greatly aid in our productivity levels, it can also affect our vacation, quality time spent with family and social activities. Unplug after work hours and set a clear boundary by not using your phones at mealtimes. Instead, delegate specific times to check on your work emails and messages, and keep to them.

Sufficient snooze time

Did you know that having fewer than six hours of sleep is a major risk factor for burnout? Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, a drop in motivation levels, as well as the weakening of your mental functions – leaving you more susceptible to mistakes.

Avoid using your electronic devices before bed and take your sleep more seriously.

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Stay organised

When you’re burnt out, you tend to worry about neglecting tasks or forgetting something important. Even through the heavy workload, take time to clear your head, get organized, put together a to-do list and prioritise. With a system firmly in place, you won’t have to fret too much.

Learn how to say no

If you are already having trouble staying afloat with your current tasks and your manager is still requesting for you to take on more, remember it’s fine to reject. Wait it out until you are sure you can handle the extra load before saying yes. Taking on more work when you are already overwhelmed can only add to your current stress levels, and push you towards a burnout sooner than expected.

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