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12 minute read

Reskilling and Upskilling for the Finance Industry: What Matters Now? (Podcast)

Trying to figure out what’s what in terms of skills for the fast-changing finance industry? Chiew Chun Wee, Regional Lead Policy and Insights, Asia-Pacific at ACCA spills some tea.

The two key buzzwords in the finance and asset management industry in Singapore these days: decarbonisation and digitalisation.

These are two areas that those in the Singapore marketplace can lead efforts in, according to Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)’s managing director  Chia Der Jiun.

He shared at an opening session of a conference in March 2024: “Your business strategies and investment decisions need to respond to geopolitics, growth and inflation developments, economic policy, trade and investment flows, technological disruption, climate risk and action.”

He added: “Asset tokenisation has the potential to streamline processes, improve efficiency, reduce costs and risks in asset and portfolio management.”

But these new forefronts also need new skills, and some in the industry, or those looking to join it, may find it hard to figure out what’s the best way forward in terms of reskilling and upskilling to stay relevant and employable.

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Some key questions Singaporean workers have asked include:

  • What are the new skillsets and mindsets that matter for working in the finance industry?
  • “Sustainable Finance” — what’s the 101?
  • Digitalisation and artificial intelligence in the finance industry: what skills do we need?
  • Mid-career switchers, how can we get a foot into the finance industry here?

To find out more, Workforce Singapore spoke to Chiew Chun Wee, the Regional Head of Policy of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), who shared about why upskilling and reskilling is important when it comes to long-term career planning for the finance industry, and some key things to understand about learning about sustainable finance and digitalisation in the industry.

Listen to the podcast below and find out more!

Key highlights to listen to: 

  • (1:20) How technological change affects everyone in the finance industry, and why fighting it leads to “dinosaurs”
  • (5:00) Generative artificial intelligence will be a game-changer for the finance industry at all levels- here’s why
  • (8:29) Quantifying sustainability has to go beyond greenwashing
  • (9:00) Why Career Conversion Programmes (CCPs) will help mid-careerists who are keen to join the finance industry

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