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5 Ways to Increase Your Job Stability and Security in Singapore

Experiencing uncertainty about your job is normal during economic downturns. However, the following strategies can increase your confidence and make you feel rock-solid in your role.

Feeling motivated at work is a challenging prospect when you’re worried about the short-term future of your job. Most people want to have a strong sense of purpose in their career, but employees who believe that their jobs are insecure experience 37% greater disengagement from the workplace. Knowing that your role is secure is crucial to maintaining your self-esteem and feeling like your work has value.

Adopting certain strategies can help you feel protected and is destined to increase your motivation and performance. Here, we explore the best ways to feel more stable, more of the time at work.

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Why job security and stability matter

You aren’t alone if you’re currently feeling worried about job security. As the global economic downturn sees countless organisations engage in retrenchments, industries like tech are experiencing sector-wide layoffs. This might mean you perceive your job as being on the line.

Mental well-being and physical health concerns are directly linked to job security concerns, with those impacted experiencing symptoms like increased anxiety, irritation, poor-quality sleep and even weight gain.

So, what can be done? The best way to avoid these issues is by addressing your job security concerns through the following professional development strategies. This way, you can become an indispensable member of your workplace and find immense satisfaction in your work.

While you may not be able to guarantee immunity as retrenchment exercises are due to larger organisational factors and not your individual performance, you can prepare for the unexpected by building a more resilient career overall.

1. Develop an in-depth understanding

Developing a comprehensive understanding of your role can put you in a better position for your efforts to get noticed by management. Start by looking at the company’s big picture and how your work impacts business.

You can then channel your efforts into contributing to the company’s success. Beyond meeting KPIs, this alignment enables you to advocate for yourself and highlight your efforts, increasing the odds of your work being recognised.

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2. Exceed expectations

Your role doesn’t have to begin and end with your core tasks. In fact, you can achieve outstanding job security by finding ways to regularly exceed expectations. Combined with exceptional work that delivers fantastic results, this step is bound to impress your supervisors and solidify your position.

To find out how you can contribute more, go directly to your managers to see what assistance they require. Meanwhile, you can ask your colleagues if they could use an extra helping hand during a busy moment. Volunteer for extra duties to ensure your commitment and high performance don’t go unnoticed.

3. Upskill regularly

Upskilling is a great way to increase your job security. While many workplaces offer extra training sessions and access to educational programmes, you can also enhance your learning and development in your own time outside the office. Reflect on your skillset and how it can be improved to find the right direction.

If you work in tech, you might decide to learn a cutting-edge programming language or master software that boosts your productivity and workflow. Plus, you could take a course that teaches leadership and communication skills to justify taking on more responsibilities in the office.

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4. Become a mentor

Job security comes more naturally when you feel you play an active role in your team’s success. By becoming a mentor to colleagues and junior workers, you can share your knowledge and guide them to make the right decisions for the business.

For example, you might sit down with a team member to enhance their work with another perspective or teach a colleague a skill that you’ve already mastered. Mentors are highly valued in the workplace, so using your talents to benefit others is perfect for employment stability.

5. Be adaptable to change

Businesses that struggle during economic downturns can go through significant changes in a short amount of time. By developing a robust skillset and an adaptable mindset, you can be prepared for these uncertain periods and come out the other side as a better employee.

Supported by a positive attitude, a willingness to tackle problems and camaraderie with your fellow team members, management will assuredly recognise your efforts. In difficult times, a flexible stance, and being adaptable to change such as a willingness to reskill to meet the needs of your organisation are some valuable skills an employee can have.

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