Unit 5

Harness the Power of Positive Thinking

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3 Steps to Bouncing Back

4 Personality Types and the Careers They Suit

Plan and grow your career by matching your personality traits with the right job.


Do you think you are an Organiser?  You can search for Finance Consultant, Financial Analyst, Audit Associate and Risk Manager roles.

Are you more suited to be a Doer? If you think you are more suited to be a Doer, look out for Mechanical Engineer, Software Developer, Radiographer and Project Manager jobs.

Are you inclined to be a Helper? Enjoy working with others? Browse Helper personality type roles here: Nurse Manager, Physiotherapist, Social Worker.

Have a Thinker personality type?And if you lean towards being a Thinker, consider some of these jobs: Biochemist, Research Scientist, Systems Analyst.

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