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6 Tips Mature Workers Can Use to Reinvent Their Careers

Don’t let age slow down your career progress. Check out these tips as a mature worker to take the next step in your career or shift into an entirely new field.

Mature workers don’t have to stay in the same career for their whole lives. A wealth of opportunities make it possible to reinvent your prospects through a mid-career switch or a fresh return to the workforce.

While job openings might exist for mature workers across virtually every industry, the way you conduct your job search might be a little different to younger professionals.

Here, we provide mature workers with six helpful tips to rejuvenate their careers and find a rewarding role that offers the income, stability and happiness to remain in the workforce.

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1. Create a timeline

Before you embark on a job search as a mature-aged worker, creating a detailed plan and timeline ensures you engage with the process as productively as possible. For those looking to make a mid-career switch, consider how any problematic skills gaps can be addressed through training and education programmes.

While mature workers may often face age discrimination, like stereotypes declining cognitive and physical abilities, reminding yourself that you have plenty to offer employers is essential to success. Identify areas for improvement and map a trajectory that puts your job hunt on the right path.

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2. Get informed advice

You don’t have to reinvent your career alone as an older worker in Singapore. Research your area of interest and look out for transferable skills and possible avenues into the industry. This way, you can discover viable career paths that give you the best chance of success.

While endless online resources are dedicated to this process, you can also engage with those directly around you. Whether someone is the same age or younger, ask them about the skills needed to perform in their field and whether your past experiences offer a way forward.

3. Develop new skills

Next, it’s time to take action on developing new skills that make your mid-career switch or return to the workforce a reality. If you think you lack up-to-date computer skills, attend a relevant workshop or complete an online course to level up or retrain your talents.

Meanwhile, consider volunteering if you want to move into an unfamiliar sector. With many organisations requiring an extra set of hands, offer your services in your spare time in exchange for valuable experience and the chance to grow your network.

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4. Rebrand yourself

The unfortunate reality is that some younger professionals will have negative preconceived ideas about mature workers. Some will think you don’t have the skills to make the transition or require too much training to bother hiring. However, rebranding yourself can change the narrative.

Using social media platforms like LinkedIn, you can update your experience on topics relevant to your ideal role. Meanwhile, aligning your resume with your newfound direction is another decision that brings you closer to your goals.

5. Grow your network

As a mature worker, just sitting back and waiting for job offers to roll in isn’t the best approach. Instead, you should be actively growing your professional network. This ensures you quickly become aware of fresh opportunities while getting support from those with the power to shape your future.

For example, you might join a professional society relevant to your career goals, enabling you to mingle with like-minded experts. Plus, you might attend conferences where you can speak with business leaders and potential colleagues that could be impressed by your experience and motivation.

6. Focus on leadership

While making a mid-career switch as a mature worker means convincing people you have the skills to succeed in a role, it’s also possible to leverage your natural advantage over others. In most cases, this means using your wealth of experience to seek leadership positions.

Many older workers offer superior experience, industry knowledge and critical thinking skills. These traits provide a distinct way to stand out to businesses during the hiring process. Highlight how your refined business acumen means you can help the organisation achieve its goals.

Economies around the globe are experiencing a “Great Unretirement,” where workers aged 50 and over are finding renewed satisfaction in the job market. Be a part of this shift, and let your talents shine through!

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