5 Fun Virtual Activities to Keep Your Remote Team Engaged

In this age of safe distancing, connecting with others has to be more intentional. Keeping your remote team engaged  requires a personal bond that extend beyond work life. Here are 5 simple and exciting virtual activities to try. — Contributed by Jobstreet.com

Miro’s Whiteboard

Convey your keyword through a 30-second sketch that puts your drawing skills to the test! Decipher one another’s cryptic pictorial messages and have some jolly good laughs while at it.


Great for enhancing a team’s collaborative efforts! Members have to work together to figure out one-word clues without revealing the assassins. Teams have to unveil all 15 agents before the time runs out.


An online game of deceit and lies that trains one in the art of persuasion and analytical thinking. Everyone in the group is assigned a role based on a given location. The spy in the group has no clue about the location and must try to deduce the group’s whereabouts based on question and answer. And only one question can be asked by each person.

Guess Who

Each person shares an unknown fact about themselves, anonymously, to the assigned game master. The bizarre, unconventional and peculiar are very much welcomed here. Take it in turns to guess and match the fact to a team member — there’s much to discover about one another. Teams can utilise Kahoot! Platform or Zoom’s whiteboard feature.


This trivia game fires up one’s competitive streak!  QuizUp tests one’s mettle in various topics from general knowledge, Name the Flag, Game of Thrones character, and more!


If all else fails, there is always Virtual Happy Hour. Grab a chilled beer or beverage of choice, video call your colleagues and simply spend some down time getting to know each other better.

While you’re at it, you can turn it up a notch with a #WFH Fashion Themed contest. Get team members to dress up in character to a specific theme, then don’t forget to snap a screen wefie of everyone in their outfits for the ‘gram!

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