5 Tips to Help During Your Online Job Search

Job hunting online is a fairly solitary experience. Here’s some tips and tricks on how to maintain your momentum till you find the right gig.

The Singapore government has come up with various initiatives to boost employment, ranging from the Jobs Support Scheme to SGUnited internship and apprenticeship jobs. But for many, job hunting remains a solitary experience, with unanswered applications and interview after interview with no offers. This can add emotional and financial stress on your life. 

Here are some steps you can take to manage your job search. 

1. Believe in your own value

Don’t let the current job market affect your self-worth. Remember, your job does not define you. Getting retrenched or not getting a job offer doesn’t mean your skills are not valuable. It doesn’t reflect your value, so keep trying, whether for a different role or industry. 

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2. Keep yourself updated

Job skills constantly change so make sure you’re equipped with the right skills. Whether a fresh graduate or a mid-careerist, your resume should reflect your skills. It’s also a good time to upskill yourself with SkillsFuture or other external knowledge providers.

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3. Prepare for every interview

Take time to research your potential employer, your interviewer and the job details. Find out what their vision and mission are, and how you can fit in and contribute to their goals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; it’s better to find the right company that shares the same values as you.

4. Consider each opportunity

Employment offers are constantly changing. Your next job offer may be for a different role from what you applied, or a temporary position. It’s important to ask yourself if it’s something you’d consider for the short-term, instead of rejecting it outrightly. You never know if the opportunity could lead you to your dream career.

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5. Wait out the situation

Reduce your monthly expenses as much as possible and try to wait out the current job market — the crisis will pass. Try to take on freelance gigs, or pursue an interest or passion to strengthen your resume and network. 

The article is contributed by Prudential Assurance Company Singapore.

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