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5 Types of Employees and How to Motivate Them

Understanding how employees are wired differently and what drives them is key. But how can companies or managers tailor their communication to every individual? — Contributed by

Using personality profiling, find out which types of employees are on your team. Here, we show you five common personality types, and how you can motivate them in ways that work.

The Healer

Healers are idealists who are also imaginative, creative and adaptable. They value and are highly concerned about other’s growth as much as their own. While they love challenges, they tend to get bored easily.

Motivate them by tapping into their creative mind. You should provide a stimulating work environment to extract the best of their creativity. Avoid giving them routine tasks as that can wean their interests and take their motivation away. Instead, throw them challenges, and you will be surprised at how they can solve these in their own unique ways.

The Visionary

Visionaries are people who have talents in analyzing, understanding and influencing others. They also enjoy challenging ideas and intellectual banter. They excel at things that interest them and are very intuitive, with the ability to look at the big picture.

Motivate them by telling them that others perceive the problem at hand to be unresolvable. Because Visionaries like proving people wrong, they will work hard at the issue using unconventional methods, and eventually find a solution.

The Inspector

Inspectors are often keen to understand how they can participate and always concern themselves with ensuring that standards are met. Their focus on concrete data makes them an excellent analyst, and they typically prefer following established systems rather than create new ones.

Motivate them by telling that the completion of a task rests entirely on them. Their keen sense of responsibility, coupled with their sharp analytical skills, can help you solve problems according to facts. You can also count on them to create detailed plans which they are likely to follow to success.

The Performer

Performers are spontaneous, energetic, warm, and talkative. They particularly like to be the center of attention as they have strong interpersonal skills. They also are sympathetic and concerned for other’s well-being.

Motivate them by highlighting how impressed others will be if they complete the tasks. Allow them to indulge in spontaneity and drama as they go about their work, as it aids in their productivity and helps to keep the work environment fun.

The Democrat

Democrats seek freedom more than any other personalities. They are independent, autonomous, and prefer roles that allow them to possess full control of their own time and decisions.

Motivate them by sharing the company’s vision and goals, delegating responsibility and allowing them to work autonomously. Even so, they should be given clear and specific objectives to work with.

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