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About Careers Connect

1. What does Careers Connect do?

We provide cost-free career coaching and advice to support your job search and career transition efforts. Through one-to-one Career Coaching (face to face, phone or virtual), job preparatory workshops, and networking events, you will be better prepared and equipped to map your own career path and improve your job search chances.

2. Who are eligible for Careers Connect services?

All Singaporean Citizens and PRs are eligible to tap on our services. Whether you are a fresh graduate, an aspiring professional or a mid-career worker looking for a career switch, do approach us to get the support you require in your job search or career transition.

3. Can Careers Connect guarantee me a job?

We are dedicated to helping you become more employable by identifying your strengths and interests as well as improving your job search and application techniques. While the hiring decision remains with the prospective employers, we will assist you to upgrade your resume writing and job interview skills, so that you will always have your best foot forward to land your next job.

4. What are some job vacancies that Careers Connect has?

As we have ongoing partnerships with companies from a wide range of industries, we have many job openings across diverse sectors for your selection and application. You may view the latest job vacancies here. If you are looking for opportunities to meet hiring employers, do attend our upcoming career fairs and networking events listed here.

About Career Advisory and Guidance

1. How long do I need to wait for an appointment to meet the Careers Team?

Upon receiving your registration, we will arrange the earliest available appointment within the next 3 working days, subject to your availability and availability of appointment slots. If you would like us to get in touch with you, please register here.

2. At which stage of my job search / career should I receive Career Advisory and Guidance?

We encourage you to get career advice and guidance early, right from the moment you are ready to look for a job. Whether you are currently looking for a job or considering a career switch, our team will help you to be better prepared and equipped to plan your next career move.

3. What should I bring along in the first Career Advisory and Guidance session?

For the first session, please bring your Identity Card for verification purposes and an updated resume with your latest work achievements and skills. We will provide you with most of the resources required for your Career Coaching sessions, so you only need to come with an open mind.

4. What happens in the first Career Advisory and Guidance session?

The first session will be focused on identifying your strengths and interests so we can get to know you better. Our team will also be asking you a series of questions to learn more about you, such as your background as well as factors that play a part in influencing your career choices. A Career Coach may be assigned to you for more in-depth career coaching and guide you to plan the next steps in your job search.

5. How long is the entire Career Coaching process?

To complement your job search efforts, we highly recommend that you go through the entire career coaching process. The whole process will take about 2 to 3 months and this duration is ideal for the Career Coach to help you identify your strengths and interests as well as improve your job search and application techniques to land the job that you aspire for.

6. What is expected from me in the Career Coaching process?

Our Career Coaching process is a comprehensive one that includes assigning a professionally-certified Career Coach to you to ensure that you are better supported throughout the journey. Come with an open mind, share actively and be committed to carrying out the next action steps that you have agreed upon with your Career Coach.

7. How frequently will I be engaging with my Career Coach?

We believe in keeping our sessions and interactions with you flexible to accommodate your availability and urgency to find a job. Following the first coaching session, your Career Coach will discuss with you a workable schedule of follow-up sessions as well as alternative arrangements via phone, email or video coaching should you be unable to meet face-to-face.