How to Attract and Engage the Digital Candidate: Part 2

This is the 2nd edition of a three-part series on attracting and engaging today’s digital candidates. In this edition on attracting and engaging today’s digital candidates, we discuss how companies can use content and digital channels to engage with their potential employees online. — Powered by Randstad Singapore

1. Creating Viral Content

When was the last time your company posted a video on YouTube or Facebook highlighting your organisational culture? Singaporeans spend 12 hours on the their digital devices on average every day, with most surfing the internet and scrolling social media pages during morning and evening commute hours, lunch time and right before bed.

More than 60% of the watchtime spent on YouTube comes from mobile devices. The watchtime on mobile has also increased by 35% over the past year, further demonstrating the need for social media engagement. Social video in particular, is seen both as an entertainment and education factor, keeping Singaporeans connected with their friends and family members.

Creating viral videos can be a great strategy to promote your brand and showcase your company culture and get the right talent interested in working for you.

2. Prioritising Employee Review Sites

Ever wonder what your employees tell their friends and families about their job, or more importantly, how your ex-employees are describing you? Surprisingly, many companies don’t priorities employee review sites such as Glassdoor, as an important component in their overall awareness strategy.

Job seekers typically start with a search engine, which often shows review site results within the first 10 searches. Hence, it is critical for your company to place important value and resources toward monitoring review sites and keeping your profile content relevant to your audiences.

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3. Social Networks

Most companies are not leveraging their social media channels effectively, often failing to share meaningful content or monitor dialogue about what’s being said about them. For many, even small tactical actions such as linking career sites, organising videos on a dedicated YouTube Careers playlist or adding careers-related messaging to a company overview are not part of their process. Organisations seeking competitive advantage in attracting talent should definitely consider ramping up their company presences on these social channels through effective and meaningful engagement.

Big social networks such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook are always an options for talent leaders to attract and source great candidates. Although the quick win is to include the company’s employee value proposition in your social networks’ overview, it is equally critical to bring the employee experience to life through engaging, visual social media posts featuring your people, company culture, work environment and company leaders.



About 78% Singaporeans pick YouTube for watching videos: Study

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