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Mid-Career Change: 4 Tips to Kickstart a Freelance Role

Freelancing is one option to consider for the mid-career individual, who is in between jobs. Here’s a guide on how to get started.

Wondering how to manage freelancing when you are a more mature PMET? Due to greater financial commitments, many in this age group use freelancing as a stopgap measure.

Here are four tips to help increase an older PMET’s chances of success as a freelancer until they find the full-time position they are looking for.

Tip 1: Build a solid network

  • Connect and meet up with peers, potential mentors and prospective clients
  • Use social media and professional networking apps

Tip 2: Recognise your value

  • Identify how much you want to earn and the current market rates
  • Know the costs of running your business (e.g. website hosting and software) and adjust your rates

Tip 3: Foster customer rapport

  • Create a feedback form
  • Leverage customer testimonials (but ask first!)
  • Send thank you emails to leave a deeper impression
  • Keep in touch

Tip 4: Understand the job

  • Do the job scope and skills required, match your expertise?
  • Note deadlines, consider your other commitments and plan ahead
  • Have a kick-off meeting
  • Be proactive and responsive

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