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Here’s How to Get into Your Boss’s Good Books

No, it’s not about curry-favouring. But it’s about showing the right work attitude. — Contributed by

Your boss is without a doubt a close and influential figure. They manage your everyday tasks and your position, salary and work hours, etc. are all in their hands. So, it’s very likely that you and your colleagues are doing your best to gain an advantage and impress your boss. 

Here are five phrases that will display qualities needed in a workplace, winning your boss’s favour:

1. “Here is a way to resolve the issue.”

There are many opportunities for you to bring up a problem either discovered or caused by you and these will be the times where this phrase can do both you and your boss a favour. It is best to go to the boss with the issue and a solution ready at hand. This will demonstrate your dedication to work because not only can you identify issues that can be harmful to the company, you have taken the time to think it through and propose a solution. Your manager will see you in this new light and also be grateful to you for easing their concerns and saving time.

Alternatively, if the problem is a result of a mistake you committed, doing this will prove your character by showing your honesty and responsibility, which the boss would appreciate. They can also see for themselves that you care about your work if you take initiative to fix the problem.

2. “I can take care of that.”

This phrase is a signal to your boss that you can take initiative, which is an extremely desirable trait for all occupations. For your bosses, they may be used to giving you work but for you to take responsibility without them asking, it shows that you are willing and able to complete the task for them. Additionally, your confidence can assure your boss that you are more than capable of handling tasks on your own, proving that you are indeed an invaluable member of the team.

3. “May I help you with…”

Even with the amount of work you have to deal with, your boss would be managing a heavier load, so a simple offer of assistance can really help them out.  This could further develop a good relationship between the both of you by showing your support and your willingness to work as a team. When you ask to share the burden with your boss, the fact that you can manage your own work as well as others’ proves your excellent organization and time management skills.

4. “I’ll get it to you by…”

When receiving a task, it is always a good idea to follow up with a date or time of completion to make things easier for your boss. It allows them to plan and align their schedule according to yours, ensuring no time is wasted in between tasks. Furthermore, a clear deadline set by yourself forces you to get the job done as quickly as possible while showing your boss that you’re efficient and clear about your schedule.

5. “I agree/disagree with…”

Whether you agree or disagree with your boss, your opinion is always important to them as long as they are reasonable and in line with the mission of your team. Sometimes a different perspective is what’s needed to come to the right decision, so it’s vital that you step up and give your views. Even if they’re against your boss, there’s no reason to be afraid of bringing it up as long as you can support your stance well with evidence. For any side you take, don’t forget to remain positive and respectful of your manager’s idea to show consideration.

Your stellar performance at your job may not always be noticed in your duties, but what you say directly to your boss can have an impact. If your words are what he or she wants to hear, this can prove your worth and build a strong and lasting relationship.

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