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How to Bond With Your Colleagues Virtually

Virtual team building facilitates employee engagement and empowerment, fostering connections and maximising productivity. This article will look into ways to plan a successful virtual year-end team bonding session for your company.

The ongoing global pandemic has fueled virtual work and work from home practices across most companies. As such, this has paved the way for more virtual team bonding activities amongst teammates across the globe.

The traditional way of working in offices typically allows employees to interact and socialise with one another outside of work. However, the global pandemic has shifted and influenced the way companies now function, with remote work making connections with colleagues more strained. Companies, therefore, need to adapt and foster team building activities to virtual modes, in order to uplift the spirits of their employees.

As quoted by Steve Jobs, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”

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Ideas for your virtual year-end team bonding sessions

Here are 4 simple ideas for your upcoming virtual year-end team bonding sessions to help you better connect with your colleagues:

1. Online heart-to-heart sessions

Heart-to-heart sessions, where you simply engage in conversations about non-work issues, are in fact a great way for leaders/managers to build trust and understanding with their employees.

Such sessions open up channels for both management and staff to share their thoughts and troubles and help both parties to better understand one another. This can enable employees to be more engaged and have more aligned goals with the team or company. It can also build trust with the workplace, which makes it easier to work through issues and offer feedback towards one another.

Initiating a heart-to-heart session may seem awkward at first, but try starting with some simple icebreakers or online personality quizzes to get to know the other party. Approach such sessions with an open heart and mind, with the goal to build better working relationships with your colleagues. After all, an open environment results in higher job satisfaction, less stress, loyalty, and mutual respect within the organisation, hence creating a more productive and enjoyable work culture.

2. Online board games

Online activities, specifically board games, are a great option for company team bonding. 

Verz Design, an eCommerce web development company in Singapore, hosted a game of The Bride Always Knocks Twice for their employees. This is an online activity that consists of case files and virtual crime scene investigations. Playing such games is a great way to foster teamwork and build rapport amongst your employees, as they get to work together cohesively in a team to achieve one common goal: solving the mystery. 

3. Online karaoke sessions

With remote working as the new norm, online interactions may require some getting used to. A good way to make it fun and exciting is to host an online karaoke session with your colleagues!

The first thing you need for your virtual karaoke session is a great host, to make sure they encourage the audience and keep everyone engaged. It’s also important to have participants give their song selections beforehand or find them together during the session.

Make sure that everyone’s microphone and audio settings are configured correctly. Lastly, you may also wish to record the session to create great memories. 

Online karaoke sessions can be a wonderful activity to ease the work tension and interact with your colleagues in a creative way.

4. Online shopping

Retail therapy is one of the best ways to destress, and almost everyone can relate to the sheer joy that shopping brings. Giving your employees an avenue to treat themselves is a great way to form a stronger bond for the entire team. Much like receiving a financial bonus at work, receiving an online voucher for shopping makes your employees feel like they are being well taken care of, and rewarded for their hard work. Doing this gives them a sense of gratitude, improving not only their relationship with you and their team but also their work, resulting in more company success.

Conducting online team bonding activities helps foster rapport and boost trust amongst team members. It is also a great way to improve communication and build a sense of belonging in everyone. These activities are just some of the many ways that you can help your employees break out of the routine of everyday work and enjoy an effective energy boost. 

This article is contributed by Verz Design.

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