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How Good is Your Career Health? Take This Quiz to Find Out 

Discover the state of your career health with our fun quiz! Find out if your professional life is thriving or in need of some TLC.

What is ‘Career Health’ and why is it important?

Career health. It’s a big word, but it refers to a holistic measure of your overall professional satisfaction, growth, and well-being. It encompasses various aspects of your career, including your job satisfaction, work-life balance, skill development, relationships at work, and your long-term career goals.

So, assessing your career health is like taking a proactive approach to your professional well-being. Just as you visit a doctor for regular check-ups to catch potential health issues early, evaluating your career health allows you to identify areas that may need attention before they become significant challenges.

If you’re keen to learn more about career health, we highly recommend that you read this article, but before that! Here’s a quiz designed by the good folks of Workipedia by MyCareersFuture to let you have a glance at your career health, with insights from WSG’s career coach, Kelvin Tan!

Do note that this quiz is designed to be a fun way to increase awareness of your career health and it is not intended as a professional diagnostic tool. Have fun!

Take the quiz: How Good is Your Career Health?

How it works:

Pick the response that resonates most with you based on the scenarios given. Each response has a number tagged to it. Simply add all the numbers to your answers and compare them to the results chart at the end of the questionnaire!

Tally Your Points!

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