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How to Use LinkedIn to Motivate Your Employees

Know how you can keep your employees motivated without relying too much on methods that cost money.

Creating a productive work environment is probably one of the most challenging things employers must do. For one thing, it’s key to ensuring that the company will provide consistent results over time.

For another, it promotes a healthy environment and improves the psychological well-being of everyone in the workplace.  

Gone are the days when management would only rely on methods that could cost money to ensure that they are able to motivate their employees.

At a time when people are coping with the challenges brought on by the ongoing pandemic, it’s necessary to leverage certain cost-effective tools such as social media to keep them motivated and inspired. 

Here are five easy things you can do on LinkedIn to keep your employees motivated and engaged.

It’s already second nature for us to appreciate colleagues/employees every time they’ve done a good job. Go the extra mile to say congratulations with LinkedIn Kudos.

It is a great tool that lets you highlight an employee’s achievement and show off their accomplishments to your followers as well as others in the professional community. 

A pat on the back or a simple ‘thank you’ sure goes a long way since it creates a domino effect in the workplace. If other employees see that the management appreciates and recognises hard work, then they would also be motivated to do better. 

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Since LinkedIn is a professional platform that’s not only used for social media marketing, it’s pretty common for everyone there to be proud and share their win at work.

This fuels their enthusiasm as it gives them the confidence of being good at their job. Even more so when such a win is being echoed by the boss or someone from the management!

For example, if your employee has been recognised by an award-giving body for the brilliant copywriting of a particular advertisement, celebrate with them by sharing the achievement on LinkedIn.

This strategy could potentially give them a sense of pride for being showcased by the management on an international platform.

We’ve all been there: becoming a new member of the team and feeling intimidated by everyone around us. Of course, this one’s natural.

However, it’s highly important that employers give new employees the impression that the company is warm and welcoming to anyone, regardless of their personal and professional background.

It also helps build up a positive mentality to the employee, which could help them adapt faster and contribute to the team efficiently. 

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Every so often you’ll see a viral post on LinkedIn about the story of an employee, employer, or a life-changing realisation that resonates with everyone around the community. These stories tend to gain huge engagement because of how they can impact or influence someone, one way or another. 

The truth is, your inspiring post doesn’t have to be a rags-to-riches kind of story if that’s what you’re thinking. You can already inspire others by simply sharing the rationale behind a decision or act and showing what makes it so crucial and effective compared to how other people would do it. 

These kinds of stories that you could share on LinkedIn allow the featured employee to feel empowered at their job, knowing that the management is confident about the decisions they make at work. 

Employees feel even more motivated when the management shares their accomplishments, not just at work but also in life, with them.

This means that whether your employee just finished an online course related to their job, got married, or established their own side hustle, it’s important to celebrate these achievements with them. 

So, for instance, if you have an employee who just started their own eCommerce website business to cope with the challenges brought on by the pandemic, then you can write a short dedication post about them.

This will give them a sense of validation that the company isn’t only focused on their primary job. It will also provide them with the confidence that the company shows unconditional support to their endeavours. Of course, since your post will be on LinkedIn, remember to keep the tone as professional as possible.

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Empower your employees with the power of social media

Studies have already shown that employees are more likely to feel contented in their job and stay with the company when they are empowered and motivated, among other factors.

Employers must then go the extra mile in knowing and acknowledging employees’ needs, particularly when it comes to their mental wellbeing, to ensure that they stay productive and engaged at work. With constantly evolving digital technologies, you no longer have to spend significant resources to achieve these.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count.

This article is contributed by Verz Design.

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