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Job Opportunities Abound: All You Need is GRIT to Seize Them

Singapore’s job market is recovering steadily, and now’s the time for jobseekers to take advantage. Use Career GRIT, a guide to support you!

Well, there was certainly some good news to kick off 2022, when the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) released statistics showing that unemployment numbers continue to fall in Singapore, according to a CNA report.

Adding to that, Manpower Minister Tan See Leng said in a recent Facebook post that our labour market is recovering steadily, with the economy rebounding from the recession in 2020 and GDP growing by 7.2% last year.

“We expect hiring demand in domestic sectors to pick up with gradual relaxation of community measures,” he added.

So the opportunities are there. The question is: Are you ready to seize them? To be fair, for some of us, it can be a challenge knowing where to start.

You might not have even started your job search process, or you could be actively applying for jobs. On the other hand, you could already be prepping for job interviews, or even employed, and just looking for new opportunities or to upskill!

Enter Career GRIT, the latest offering by Workforce Singapore’s Careers Connect, to support you at each job search stage with four types of curated career matching services!

What does Career GRIT offer and what makes it unique?

First things first, why GRIT? Here’s a simple explanation for the acronym below:

  • Growth: Plan for career growth and development
  • Readiness: Prepare for job search and interviews
  • Insights: Gain industry and hiring insights
  • Tenacity: Develop resilience for career well-being

For younger workers who just graduated, it can be intimidating entering the job market not knowing what the best strategies are to get the job you want, as well as what to do and say at interviews.

For older workers, it can be a challenge to make mid-career shuffles in their middle-age.

A task force looking at the employability and employment of professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) released a report last October, that compiled the views of about 10,000 PMEs gathered over a year via online surveys, focus group discussions and engagement sessions.

The report said that compared to younger workers, more mature PMEs seemed less confident about career opportunities, with a majority facing challenges in their job search, and their age as a key factor.

The fact is, we are all at different stages of our careers and job search. While most career sites focus on simply showing you job listings, Career GRIT helps guide you to select the right career service you need, with a simple self-assessment about where you are on your job search journey!

In addition, at each job search stage, you can choose from the following career matching services:

  • Learning On the Go: This gives you access to job search and career tips anytime, anywhere. Of course, you can also head to more career wisdom and resources at the MyCareersFuture site!
  • Seminars & Workshops: You can learn effective career strategies to stay relevant and achieve career success
  • Job Opportunities: What matters most — you’ll get to explore career opportunities and connect with hiring employers
  • Career Advisory: And if you need some personalised advice, you can always speak to our Career Officers about your options.


Career advisory sessions help build greater self-awareness, and to grasp your career interests and preferences. Through these conversations, you’ll discover your work motivations, and assess your strengths and interview weaknesses.

Think of a career coach as a partner who will help to your full potential and achieve your goals. You will be well-equipped with newfound skills to kickstart a new career, or navigate career changes!

How the Career GRIT site works

For example, you might have sent out many applications, or attended many interviews, and have found it hard to land that right job role! Maybe you’re wondering if there’s something you’re missing out, or doing incorrectly with your job search strategy?

If you head to the Career GRIT site (which works perfectly on both your laptop and mobile devices, by the way), there’ll be digital job search gurus (advisors) that will help you select your job search stage, and provide advice on relevant career events, seminars, and activities curated for you!

The digital gurus can also give you access to career tips and advice via the site’s Learning on-the-go section.

Hop on to Career GRIT now and navigate your career journey better today. To make it easier for you to check in on new job events, services and advice, don’t forget to bookmark it on your browser!

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