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Moving to a New Career? 4 Tips to Help

Here are some key things to keep in mind when switching to an office job.

Moving from a more hands-on job to an office setting is not impossible. Here are some tips for a successful job switch in Singapore:


Already know the basics of Microsoft Office?

Ensure you know the more complex functions that are relevant to the job, such as the formula and analytical tolls in Excel if applying for an account/admin role.

Want to learn new skills?

Reskill with the Professional Conversion Programme. Also, when switching jobs, find out about training programmes offered by companies that can help you maximise your skills.


Have you highlighted your achievements?

This includes mentioning your achievements (e.g. top salesperson of the month) and skills acquired participating in your hobbies such as sports, for example, being a club leader or kids’ sports coach.

What about your strengths?

Review the job description and match what’s required to your core skills, qualities, areas of knowledge and experiences. If you are a good multitasker or a people person, highlight this and use testimonials to support your claim.

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Does your appearance matter?

The interviewer should be able to picture you in the position you have applied for, so ensure you are well-groomed and wearing the appropriate attire.

Are you unnerved during interviews?

Don’t be intimidated by the interviewer’s rank. Be polite and respectful, carry yourself well and speak with confidence.


Are you making use of suitable touchpoints?

Tap different platforms when searching for desk-bound jobs, such as job fairs or job portals including

Are you using your networks?

Ensure you are on professional social media sites like LinkedIn and keep networking for job leads and recommendations.

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