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Need Some Career Advice to Listen to? Here’s Some Podcasts for Singaporean Jobseekers

Build your career with job search strategies and career advice with Workipedia by MyCareersFuture’s latest podcasts. Listen to them here!

Build your career with job search strategies and career advice with Workipedia By MyCareersFuture latest podcasts.

They’ll impart key tips to help job applicants choose the best role, which suits their expertise, lifestyle and expected salary. We also share insights from seasoned career advisors about how one should seek employment!

In addition, you’ll learn relatable experiences from fresh graduates and long-serving experts to give our users invaluable content for their job search.

NEW! Working Mums: How to Balance Motherhood and Career (Tenacity)

Working women should not have to choose between their career and their families, and they should be able to pursue their professional ambitions without feeling guilt or compromise towards their children!

With planning, greater understanding and some practical strategies, it is possible to manage the delicate balance between work and family.

Some key points mothers in the workforce, or looking to rejoin it should consider:

  • Equality at home is about shared responsibility
  • Don’t focus on society’s standards, but on your own personal journey
  • How children actually learn good life lessons from having mother’s who are working
  • What programmes can help if you’re a mother looking to return back to the workforce, and one Singaporean mum’s advice about how to succeed at it.

In the latest edition of our Listen and Learn format, WSG manager Aye Aye Mon shares a selection of a popular piece on Workipedia by MyCareersFuture with tips for working mums on how to manage the delicate balance between work and family.

AI Taking Our Jobs – How Worried Should Singaporeans Really Be? (Insights)

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), some level of anxiety does exist amongst Singaporean workers, as the technology continues to revolutionise and change both how we work, and the jobs available in the marketplace as well.

Some key questions Singaporean workers have asked include:

  • What does AI mean for middle-aged and/or middle-income workers and jobseekers?
  • Does AI mean having to learn coding and other high-end technology skills that require specialised training?
  • How will AI be integrated into our jobs, even for those working in small and medium enterprises (SMEs)?

To find out more, Workipedia by MyCareersFuture spoke to Justin Chan, a lecturer in communication design at Temasek Polytechnic, who shared about how AI is just the next phase of digital transformation for both Singaporean workers and businesses, and some key things to understand about relearning for it.

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Why Building Career Resilience Should Be Your New Year Resolution (Tenacity)

Career resilience has been a hot topic for Singaporean workers that arose in recent years, and will likely still be important for a long while.

But what exactly is it, and why should Singaporean workers be aspiring to make building career resilience their new year’s resolution?

In this podcast, Workipedia by MyCareersFuture hosts Jana Dawson, the Head of Content and Learning at the School of Positive Psychology in Singapore to share on the “myths of resilience”- how Singaporeans get resilience wrong, and how to really be more resilient.

6 Tips Mature Workers Can Use to Reinvent Their Careers (Readiness)

Mature workers don’t have to stay in the same career for their whole lives. A wealth of opportunities make it possible to reinvent your prospects through a mid-career switch or a fresh return to the workforce.

While job openings might exist for mature workers across virtually every industry, the way you conduct your job search might be a little different to younger professionals.

In this episode of our Listen and Learn podcast series, Annie Teh, senior manager at Workforce Singapore, reveals six helpful tips for Singapore’s mature workers to rejuvenate their careers and find a rewarding role that offers the income, stability and happiness to remain in the workforce.

Worried About Reaching Your Career Goals? Here Are Some Tips for Singapore’s Broad Middle Workers (Insights)

Shane Yan, the co-founder of Growth Beans, shares how being too kiasu about getting certificates and attending training courses for the sake of it can lead to “death by paper”.

In addition, she also elaborates on why being paiseh to network is only hurting your career and, ultimately, how to decide and balance between passion and practicality when setting career goals and aspirations at different stages of your life.

Want to increase your chances of nailing the job interview? Learn effective job search strategies, enhance your personal brand, and more with Career GRIT. Register for our Virtual Seminars today!

Juggling Study with Work Mid-Career Can Be Tough – Here’s Some Advice (Growth)

Yes, you want to reskill and upskill for your career. But hitting the books when you’re older has its own learning curve. Kaylene Wong, a director at John Ethans International, an integrated HR services firm, shares more in this podcast about how she managed.

Job Postings: Get To The Most Important Bits To Focus On (Insights)

Julian Quek, a senior manager at Workforce Singapore, shares some quick tips on how to read a job posting, and figure out what are the most important bits to focus on!

Leveraging your Networks & Professional Relationships for Career Success (Insights)

It takes an ecosystem & network to develop our careers or even change career paths. But we can be our own obstacles when we connect & build up a network.

Shane Yan & Shamantha Yan, co-founders of Growth Beans discuss on connecting with others in professional settings.

Career Resilience: Staying Strong to ensure Career Success

Shane Yan & Shamantha Yan, co-founders of Growth Beans share three factors of career resilience, and how you can apply it in your career.

Learn about the success stories of those who have applied it, and be inspired to create your own!

Improving Your Interview Demeanor: How To Come Across Better As a Candidate

Thomas Tang, a senior career coach with Workforce Singapore (WSG), shares some growth insights on improving your vibe with potential interviewers.

Interview 101: Body Language, What You Say, and the Small Details Matter

Lin Peili, a senior career coach with Workforce Singapore (WSG), delves into what matters when prepping for crucial interviews, virtual or real-world.

Resume Tips: What Employers Really Want To See

Zarina Bakar, senior career coach with Workforce Singapore (WSG), shares more about how to prepare your resume when applying for jobs.

Are bad career waves crashing? Here’s how to stay afloat

Ms Eileen Seah, Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach & the founder of The Art of Career, shares how to keep calm and carry on when the career waters are rocky.

How to make any potential employer remember you

Ms Eileen Seah, Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach & the founder of The Art of Career, reveals the tips and tricks to leave a lasting first impression.

Want Higher Pay? Here’s How To Negotiate For More

Dr Christopher Fong, Managing Partner and Lead Consultant at Psych.line Consultants, shares some further tips on the strategies that matter when it comes to asking for more money.

Managing rejections can be hard. Here’s how to move past them

Dr Tan Buck Chye, Principal Trainer and Managing Director at Tony Buzan Learning Centre, shares how you can face rejection and bounce back after.

Proven strategies to help with your successful career relaunch

Ms Shub Faujdar, Managing Director of Jobs-Me Singapore, reveals your gameplan to kickstart your career if it stalls.

 Need personalised guidance in your job search? Register for a complimentary session with WSG’s Career Matching Services today and get the support you need.

What recruiters look out for in a jobseeker’s credit report

The Credit Bureau shares more why your credit report matters when it comes to finding your next job.

Are you a fresh grad joining the workforce? Here’s some friendly advice

Ariele Tan, an intern at Workforce Singapore’s (WSG) Corporate Marketing & Communications Division, and Jenny Chiang a Senior Career Coach from WSG’s Career Services Division, talk about the various worries and concerns a fresh grad will have, graduating during the pandemic.

Communicating your value: How to explain a career gap for female jobseekers

We get it- sometimes a break from your career was necessary, perhaps due to caregiving duties. Here’s how to still showcase your best professional self to potential employers.

Learn how and why a positive job mindset matters if you’re a jobseeker!

Shub Faujdar, the head of training and development at Alcott Global, shares how to keep your chin up during a job search.

Deciding on a mid-career switch? Here’s some help for employees and jobseekers

It can be difficult trying to take the leap on changing industry or career specialties. Dr Christopher Fong (Principal Consultant, Psych. Line) shares his insights.

Why companies love to hire women who want to return to the workforce!

Shub Faujdar, the head of training and development at Alcott Global, shares why Singapore companies are keen to give back-to-work-women a chance to return to the workforce, and what they bring to the table.

How VIPS (Values, Interests, Personality and Skills) can affect an employee’s career!

The first step when starting a career – to look into our own VIPS. Learn more in this podcast here.

The potential of singapore’s healthcare sector, and why you should consider working in it

Healthcare is a growing industry and need for many citizens- learn why it’s worth considering for mid-career switchers!

Master the art of answering tough interview questions if you’re a jobseeker

Don’t get tongue-tied trying to answer tough job interview questions- listen to some good answers in this podcast episode!

Become a master negotiator when it comes to your salary whether you’re an employee or jobseeker

Don’t shortchange yourself in the pay department by being bad at negotiating- here’s how to get what you deserve in this podcast episode.

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