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Psychometric Test Hacks: Tools Used by Top Companies And How to Play it Right

Candidates who pass the CV screening get to take online psychometric tests that are often gamified. Find out more if you’re not sure what to expect.

1. Find out the assessment software used by the company

You can tap on sites like Glassdoor to find out the assessment software and types of games used by companies in their recruitment.

On Glassdoor, you can filter by country and the role you are applying for to get accurate sensing of what to expect. Spend some time looking through other candidates’ experiences to get a clear picture of the type of skills and tests. This can include numerical and verbal reasoning tests, pattern recognition tests, and personality assessments.

Here are some assessments we know used by top companies to recruit interns:

  • PwC and Accenture: Pymetrics software, which uses a series of 12 games to assess your personality and behaviour
  • Unilever: A shorter series of 3 mini-games that test your logical reasoning skills
  • Nestlé: Pulsifi software, which features a combination of numerical and verbal reasoning tests as well as assessments on your personality and work interests

2. Look for practice questions online

While gamified assessments make the experience a lot more bearable, candidates often find themselves feeling lost during and after the assessment.

You will find a lot more clarity by looking for practice questions online and researching into the recruiting software company.

On social media sites

You can find sample questions on social media sites like YouTube, Reddit and Quora. Nothing gives you a more accurate sense of what to expect than seeing the questions. It’s less about solving these practice or sample questions and more about familiarising yourself with typical question formats.

On the software company’s site

You can best understand the assessment software by searching it up yourself. Spend some time on the software site and understand how their assessment helps companies identify different traits in candidates.

You shouldn’t be trying to skew your personality traits and responses. However, you will benefit from knowing the skills that different games are testing for. When you are clear on that, it’ll be less confusing during the actual test.

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3. Build a habit of exercising your brain

If you recall taking IQ tests online or in school, they are often testing for logic and reasoning ability. Take 10 minutes daily to train your brain and hone your pattern-recognising and logical reasoning skills. You can do this through some simple ways:

  • Do number and word puzzles: Doing Sudoku or Crossword puzzles are great ways to learn to be more sensitive to patterns.
  • Mental math in daily life: Instead of using your calculator during activities like grocery shopping, practice your mental math and get your brain working.
  • Brain Training apps: There are plenty of applications that aid in brain training and one of the most popular ones is Lumosity, which lets users train their math and logical reasoning abilities

The article is contributed by TalentTribe.

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