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Starting a New Job: Tips to Make a Positive Lasting Impression

Making a good first impression is important to establishing yourself positively in a new workplace. Here are eight tips to guide you.


1. Observe and learn

Get familiar with the working culture. Talk to your colleagues about any underwritten rules you need to know that involve you and your team. The sooner you understand how things work in the company, the easier it will be for you to adjust and transition seamlessly into your new role. It might be more challenging when working remotely, so be patient and keep learning!

2. Listen and don’t be afraid to ask

Active learning is essential. Ask open questions whenever necessary, so people have the chance to give more than yes or no answers. Show that you care! Don’t wait for information to be provided to you. Jotting down notes is a good way to help you remember and prevent mental information overload.

3. Maintain open communication

Although a new job can be exciting, it can also be potentially stressful. Keeping quiet can have a negative effect, so it’s best to maintain a degree of transparency and openly communicate your worries to your boss, colleagues, friends, or family.

4. View change as an opportunity to learn

Start with your new company on good standing. Spend time understanding the organisation, your role and any additional information, including identifying the organisation’s key stakeholders, organisational structure and industry.

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5. A ‘quick win’ is still a win

Take advantage of prioritising and performing small tasks well to keep motivated and meet expectations. This could also help build your confidence in the value of your experience in the new environment.

6. Share your ideas but stay humble

You want to bring something new to the table, but don’t criticise what the company or team is doing. Avoid making judgments too quickly and talking about your most recent job as much as possible. For example, “Well this is how we did at…”. You can come with a fresh perspective but be sure to also deliver a compliment or acknowledge what’s working.

7. Invest time in building relationships

Take opportunities to volunteer for any committees, especially in cross-departmental teams as these are great ways to network internally. While this might be challenging when working from home, planning virtual coffee chats is a great way to connect with colleagues as well.

8. Understand and manage expectations

Talk to your boss about their expectations (preferably within the first week) including the direction of your job portfolio. Have consistent communication with your boss by giving updates on what you are working on via email or schedule regular check-ins.

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