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4 minute read

Top Reasons Why Your Job Post is Not Receiving Any Applications

Find out how to ensure the right job candidates see and reply to your advertisements.

You have spent time and effort composing a job posting for your company’s latest job opening, but there are hardly any respondents. What’s worse, those who have applied are not suitable for the job. Why is this happening and what can you do to address this? 

Here are some reasons why your adverts might not be attracting the right respondents:

1. Your Company Website is Not Providing the Right Information

One of the first things potential job candidates do when they hear about a job opportunity is to check out that company’s website. When visiting your website, will potential job candidates become more interested in a job? Or will they be put off because there is not enough relevant information? 

Bear in mind that the:

“About Us” page should highlight your company philosophy, your team and your company’s unique selling points and key differentiators (such as your company’s awards and certifications). 

“Careers” page should not simply showcase the latest job listings available. Instead, include information that gives an insight into why potential candidates should work for you. One way to do this is by featuring your company’s core values and benefits (for example, flexible working hours, catered lunches, and maybe a glimpse of what your current employees are saying about the company/industry).

2. Your Company Website is Not Searchable and Mobile-friendly

If you want to hire top job candidates, your company website needs to be optimised so it’s high on search engines and easy to find. It should also be mobile-friendly — so it is easily viewed on smartphones and tablets. A Jobvite study revealed that 33 percent of millennials want to apply for jobs directly from their phone. 

Points to note:

  • Avoid the use of quirky job titles such as “Lead Imaginator” or “Jedi Master” — these don’t tend to rank high in keyword searches and are likely to be bypassed by search engines
  • Ensure your website navigation is simple to use by 
  • reducing the length of copy
  • including more images
  • reducing the number of clicks needed
  • ensuring your company email or telephone number is easily visible to potential job hunters, in case they have some questions

3. Your Company Branding is Not Strong Enough

In today’s globalised world, companies that don’t brand themselves run the risk of being (negatively) branded by others — for example on Glassdoor, via potential job candidates or even ex-employees. Your company may also not be noticed by people because there is no relevant information being published or promoted. 

A key way to brand your company is through social media engagement. Social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook allow companies to connect with potential job candidates. Besides being a platform for you to post job listings, your company can also promote material related to company branding. Examples of this include: your latest company and philanthropic events, training and development opportunities, blog posts written by employees about a day of their life at work, or tips on working in your industry.

Struggling to find suitable candidates for your job posting? The Suggested Talents feature on MyCareersFuture will find you a list of talents that you can consider and invite to apply for that role. Navigate to your job post on MyCareersFuture to try it out now.

4. Your Job Description is Unclear or Misleading

The main purpose of a job description is to attract applicants that meet the qualifications for a job. A poorly written or vague job description may likely not attract the right candidates, or even causes an influx of resumes and cover letters from unqualified individuals. A strong job description should list details about the job such as the basic duties to be performed, performance metrics, qualifications,  skills needed and the salary range. 

5. Your Job Post is Not Getting Enough Eyeballs

The talent job market is competitive — in one survey, 56 percent of Singapore employers reported difficulty filling jobs. In order to reach out to the right job candidates in the market, it’s important that your job advertisement is posted on different yet effective job portals and platforms, including LinkedIn. can prioritise search results according to the jobseeker’s skills helping them better understand which jobs are more suited to their skills. Jobs that support training or come under government schemes are also highlighted to make it easier for job applicants to find their best fit.

Not getting enough job applicants?

Act now by inviting candidates to apply for your job post! Here’s how to use “Suggested Talents” on MyCareersFuture:

  • Log in to MyCareersFuture with your Singpass
  • Navigate to your existing job post, and click on ‘Suggested Talents’ (next to ‘Applicants’)
  • Browse the list of talents, shortlist the best ones, then invite them to apply for that job by clicking on ‘invite to apply’

That’s it! Try it for yourself now at MyCareersFuture.



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