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Counting on Uplifting Resilient and Grit Experiences (COURAGE)

We have all been there in our careers – either we feel stranded, just following blindly or desperately looking for any job. All these states sap our energies & make us lose our confidence. We know we need to bounce back quickly, but how? We need Resilience and Grit. Whilst resilience is a factor of grit, grit and resilience are not the same things. This unique virtual workshop is covered in 3 parts.

The first gets you READY by acknowledging that our current state is NOT a question of good or bad luck. You CAN create your luck & 3 strategies on how to do so will be covered.

Next, we SET you up for your future. You can shape your future by uncovering what is important to you in terms of aspirations, values, and motivations. You also need to understand the new job economy & to try a new approach using Lattice Career to explore all possibilities. In short, you become a Pathfinder. Only then, you can act & GO.

You are ready for GRIT. You’ll learn to be the few who show resilience in the face of adversity, who refuse to fail despite challenges and who stick with things out of a sense of duty to reach long-term goals have true grit, and as a result, are more likely to succeed.

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