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Practical Career Planning Strategies (Professionals)

Our thoughts about our careers often change with the different seasons of our lives. After graduating from school and working for some years, our thoughts about our careers, our lives and our hopes may start to diverge and a sense of internal conflict may arise. Making decisions about work and life becomes more complex and could lead to feelings of being “stuck”.

We have developed a webinar specially tailored for working professionals, to learn about proactive career planning. Career planning helps us to consider how we can move from where we are today, into the future. What lies ahead for us in the future? How can we actively plan for our careers for something we are unsure about?

Join our dynamic online virtual career workshop designed to help you ignite and activate your proactive approach towards career exploration. Over two engaging hours, you will gain invaluable insights and practical guidance to know how to frame your career thoughts and integrate work and life considerations into career planning.

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