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Worried About Being Laid Off? Here’s How the MyCareersFuture Jobs Portal Can Help You

Where job security is concerned, it’s always good to be open to and prepared for new opportunities. Here’s how you can do both with an advanced jobs portal.

It’s understandable to be anxious about your job security right now. After all, the world is currently seeing great economic fluctuations that have brought about great shifts in employment trends.

Closer to home, the Ministry of Manpower revealed that although employment increased in the third quarter of 2022, Singapore’s job market is exhibiting symptoms of slowing down, as layoffs increased and the jobless rate rose.

While total employment excluding migrant domestic workers increased by 14% from the previous quarter, there was also a bump in unemployment rates and layoffs.

Uncertain, but it’s not all bad

Amid the uncertainty, several sectors are less affected than others. MOM revealed that while sectors such as manufacturing and services experienced an increase in retrenchments, the construction sector, on the other hand, is seeing close to zero workers being laid off.

This means that not all sectors are impacted equally, and there are still many jobs that Singaporeans can apply for in less impacted sectors. So, if you’re working in a sector that is currently seeing workers being laid off, there’s no better time than now to start preparing yourself for your next move.

Your energy is better spent preparing for your next move than worrying.

Not sure how? Fret not. The good folks from the MyCareersFuture (MCF) jobs portal have shared with us three tips that the portal can help.

Start planning your next career move! Browse over 100,000 jobs on MyCareersFuture.

Three ways the MyCareersFuture job portal can help you

1. Increase your chances of getting noticed by employers 

A layoff can happen on short notice, or sometimes even abruptly. So, it’s good to prepare your resume in advance so that you can apply for jobs quickly should that happen. 

One common mistake is to update your resume only when you’re about to look for a job. No reason to update your resume and work profile if you’re not looking for a job right? 

Sound reasoning — if you’re still living in the 80s or the eras before that, when job vacancies are posted on newspaper classifieds. 

No more getting ink on your fingertips while job searching.

Today, some jobs are still posted in newspaper classifieds, but the bulk of them are posted and applied for, via online jobs portals. Find a job you fancy on the portal, click apply and attach your resume. Easy peasy. 

But know this: the MyCareersFuture (MCF) portal is a two-way channel that allows employers to invite you to apply for the posted job, should they find your work profile a good match for the role. So, it’s best to keep your work profile on the portal always updated.

An updated work profile will increase your chances of getting noticed by employers by 75%!

How it works:

  • Log in and navigate to your profile
  • Set your profile as ‘Open to Opportunities’ 

  • Update your information including skills and work experience 

  • Update your resume, then upload the new one!

Log in to MyCareersFuture and update your profile to increase your chances of getting noticed by employers by 75%!

View jobs you’re invited to apply for

View jobs which employers have invited you to apply for on MyCareersFuture on the ‘Job Application Invites’ page. These are jobs that employers think you are suitable for (based on your profile), so consider them seriously!

2. Customise your job search to find jobs of the right fit

Too often we hear jobseekers lamenting that there are not enough jobs for them to apply for. Does 100,000 sound like a good number to you? That’s the number of jobs that you can apply for on MCF.

Of course, you will focus your search on selected roles you’re keen for. Well, that’s what the search tool is for. While most jobs portal stops here, here’s where it gets more interesting for MCF users. 

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If you’re a mid-career switcher thinking of trying something new, there’s also the option of filtering the results by ‘mid-career switchers’ or ‘short-term trials’ filters to find relevant jobs with government support.

Job searching can also be tiring, especially checking the portal daily for new jobs. With MCF, this is a thing of the past. Instead of having to search and shortlist jobs that you deem the right fit for you every day, why not send them straight to your email inbox?

Here’s how you set up a custom email alert for your job search on MCF:

  • Search for jobs by title or keyword
  • Click on ‘Create Job Alert’

  • Enter your search term (don’t leave it blank!), then click ‘Save’

Enjoy a more personalised job search on MyCareersFuture! Start searching for jobs and set up daily alerts now.

3. Be more efficient in your job search

Job searching can be a messy affair after a while. Shortlisting jobs, sending out applications, keeping track of the jobs you’ve applied for, and so forth. However, don’t lose your momentum just yet, and tap on MCF which takes care of all the nitty gritty for you.

Shortlist and consolidate 

Searching and shortlisting jobs on MCF is a breeze, as you can save the jobs you’re keen on and then apply for them later.

To shortlist a job, simply click on the pink ribbon on the top right-hand corner of the job post.

Being laid off is not the end of the road

Losing your job over factors beyond your control can be a downer, but it’s definitely not the end of your career journey. Remind yourself that one setback does not imply that you will spend the rest of your life at rock bottom.

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When one door shuts, another one opens. Maintain an open mind and an open heart, and be open to new challenges and possibilities that may arise.

If you need professional advice on job searching or making a mid-career switch, register here to speak to a career coach!

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